McLaren Combines Technology, Automotive Branches to Become McLaren Group

McLaren unites its divisions as sales rise globally, hoping to become the next supercar superpower.

byChris Constantine|
McLaren Combines Technology, Automotive Branches to Become McLaren Group

Budding supercar company McLaren is often hailed as a true automotive startup success story, and for good reason. It's been held in high regard in the motorsport world since the 1960s, but the recent successes of its production cars have fueled Mclaren's lust for expansion. (It also helps that: 1.) McLaren produced what is widely considered to be one of the greatest cars ever made, with the F; and 2.) the McLaren P1  is a member of the Holy Trinity of hypercars alongside the Porsche 918 Spyder and the Ferrari LaFerrari.) Now, McLaren's highly-anticipated 720S is set to bring in even more dough for the British startup, and as a result, the company is combining its branches, shifting management, and planning its future as a production company.

McLaren Automotive announced today that it will merge with McLaren Technology Group to become the more-unified McLaren Group. The first step towards this cohesion is the ousting of CEO Ron Dennis and redistribution of his shareholdings. McLaren says this consolidation will advance the company's relations with customers and allow for more fluid expansion. 

This process also saw a change in long-time shareholders TAG Group and Bahrain Mumtalakat Holding Company, which will now be given more control over the company, gaining valuable positions such as Executive Chairman and Executive Committee Principal. TAG has been a huge part of McLaren for 30 years, so these management changes aren't a bad thing. 

As a fan of the brand, we hope these changes won't stifle McLaren's passion for supercars, and that the company will continue to put out awesome, record-breaking vehicles for decades to come.