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Know Where The Fuzz Is With These Great Radar Detector Deals

Have you ever slowed down to the actual speed limit and thought to yourself, "They can't be serious"?

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Look, we’re not going to condone reckless driving here at The Drive. But to paraphrase something I saw on social media recently: Have you ever—just for kicks and giggles—slowed down to the actual speed limit and thought to yourself, “They can’t be serious”?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Point is, you don’t necessarily have to be behaving all that recklessly to break traffic laws. That’s where radar detectors come in. Stick ’em in your car and be notified when an enterprising officer of the law happens to be pointing a speed-catcher in your direction.

Usually costing hundreds of dollars, radar detectors aren’t exactly cheap—think of it as prepaying those first couple of speeding tickets—but, thankfully, Amazon has some decent deals going on right now including 25% (or $100) off of a Uniden R3.

Drive responsibly!

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