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Chemical Guys Launches Into 2023 With a New Tire Cleaner

Because who doesn’t have room for better tire cleaners?
Chemical Guys Tire Cleaner

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While everyone has a favorite tire cleaner, none of us should be opposed to trying new things. Especially when we’re talking about cleaning tires, where a chemical can reduce the scrubbing we need to get it right. Chemical Guys is hot on it for 2023 and have dropped a new tire cleaner as its first product of the year. And from the looks of things, it just might be one of the better detailing products you can put to work when your project car hits the road come springtime. 

Chemical Guys’ Total Extract tire and rubber cleaner is designed to restore your tire to factory looks, though it’s not a tire dressing. But the goal is to get back to that fresh, clean appearance, which gives your favorite tire shine the proper foundation to adhere to for long-lasting results. 

Like any other tire and rubber cleaner, this product is intended to strip away road grime. Chemical Guys emphasizes Total Extract’s ability to remove tire blooming — the brown substance tires develop on the surface as they age. Blooming occurs due to chemicals used in the compound rising to the surface and oxidizing. While not irreversible, it can be a major pain to deal with. Total Extract, while requiring some elbow grease, does appear to do a good job of removing it. That can make all the difference in the world when an otherwise acceptable set of tires is starting to show signs of aging. 

This is no miracle product. Chemical Guys didn’t try to formulate an everything-in-one tire goo. This is a dedicated tire and rubber trim cleaner. You will need to use wheel cleaners and tire shines to achieve those respective goals alongside it. That’s not a bad thing, though. Not trying to solve all of your wheel and tire problems allows Total Extract excel at what it’s intended for. That is always appreciated in a world of snake oils and magic elixirs that fall flat on their face in a so-called attempt to accomplish everything all at once. 

What’s your favorite tire cleaner? Do you plan to put Chemical Guys’ Total Extract to work this year? Let us know in the comments below. 

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