Get Shady With Big Savings on Carports and Portable Garages at Amazon

The sun is finally back. Take cover.

byHank O'Hop|
Carport Deals at Amazon


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All that sunshine may feel good after a long winter but it'll do more harm than good if you're not careful. Those UV rays will chew up everything they can and they will ruin every car show and wrenching session you set out for without cover. Thankfully, Amazon's got killer deals on carports, canopies, and portable garages and they will save you from sunburn and faded paint. 

From Amazon. Regular Price: $699.99

I spent many years working on my 1969 Dodge Charger project car outdoors. Something like the Mupater 10x15-foot metal carport that's selling for $599.99 would have made a major difference on those long, hot summer days and even more so when the rain started. However, the Generic Outdoor heavy-duty 10x20-foot carport for $169.99 is definitely a solid choice if you need something cheaper and a little less permanent. And because it has removable sidewalls, it adds a little more protection from the wind, which will come in handy on those more delicate projects. 

But what do I know about the specifics of your needs? All I know is that covering up is important for you and your car's well-being. Check the list below for more savings on portable garages and canopies at Amazon. 

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