Lego Approves Official Caterham Set

The ultimate kit-car gets immortalized with a mini-brick kit.

byBrendan McAleer|
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We've all dreamed of building a Caterham Super Seven in a backyard shed, poring over diagrams in the dark of winter and then blasting out into the first warm day of spring with the wind in your hair and the side-exit exhaust blatting away. But maybe you don't have the mechanical aptitude—or you don't have a shed. Not to worry, because Lego's got your back: official word just came down that the latest kit to filter through the company's genius Ideas system is a Lego Caterham Seven lightweight racer.

The Ideas crowd-sourcing system is one of Lego's better tricks in their post-patent phase. Now that anyone can manufacture interlocking plastic bricks, it's Lego's leverage of branding and their legions of fans that makes the Danish toy company stand out. With Ideas, fan-built sets are voted on by other enthusiasts, and if one can hit the 10,000 vote mark, Lego designers will look at adapting it for commercial production.


This faithful representation of the spidery Caterham was made by Lego enthusiast Car Greatrix, and while the official Lego version will differ slightly, it looks great. We'd expect detail levels to come down a little, while still retaining the overall feel of the two-seater original. Caterham is on board too, and you get the sense that they're only two happy to be introducing their elemental sportscar to a new segment of fans (even if some of those fans have had driving licenses for years).

The new Lego-Caterham would be perfect alongside Lego sets like the Ferrari F40, Mini Cooper, and VW Camper. If you aren't handy with a wrench and ratchet, you can at least refine your shelf-mounting skills.