Save $40 on a GPS Tracker and Anti-Theft Motorcycle Gear at Amazon

Grab some important security items that’ll keep your bike safe from thieves.

byRobert Bacon|
bilt deluxe motorcycle cover, spytec gps gl300 real-time gps tracker for vehicles, oxford monster 14mm hex chain & padlock
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Motorcycle Safety Month brings back plenty of bad memories, which now serve me as life lessons. Today’s post is about motorcycle anti-theft gear and the time I canceled a date. It was 11 years ago in Dublin, and I was walking to my moped to head off on a date. When I arrived where I parked it, however, I found only half a link from its ridiculously cheap chain. I made two calls. First, I called to reschedule the date and then made one with the gardai (Irish police).

The police found my moped about two blocks from my house, and although it had seen better days, it was salvageable. The next day, I bought the biggest, meanest Oxford chain and lock I could afford. I've used those, a disc lock, and a cover on every bike I owned since, none of which was ever stolen.

The sale I’m excited about today is a heavy-duty chain and padlock combo from one of the biggest names in the game, something to track your bike if thieves bypass your security measures, and a cover to deter prying eyes.

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These are the offers I'd spend my money on to safeguard my bike:

Spytec GPS Real-Time Tracker for $59.95 at Amazon (save $40)

Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Chain and Disc Lock for $132.99 at Amazon (save $52.96)

Oxford Monster Hex Chain and Padlock for $104.74 at Cycle Gear (save $49.25)

Kryptonite New York Chain and EVS4 Disc Shackle for $96.99 at Amazon (save $45.96)

Oxford HD Chain and Padlock for $50.95 at Cycle Gear (save $12)

Oxford General Purpose Chain Lock for $33.37 at Cycle Gear (save $22.62)

Oxford Quartz Disc Lock for $28.79 at RevZilla (save $23.16)

Stockton Alarm Disc Lock for $54.99 at Cycle Gear (save $5)

Bilt Deluxe Motorcycle Cover for $59.99 at RevZilla (save $60)