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Securenet Warranty Review

A Securenet warranty is a reasonable option for drivers looking for bumper-to-bumper coverage

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Offering coverage for both new and pre-owned vehicles, Securenet is a well-reputed warranty purveyor based in Houston, Texas. The plans offered by Securenet are provided through GS Administrators Inc. All agreements are backed by Sentruity Casualty Company, serving to ensure that there is liquid cash available to complete contractual demands. The plans have nationwide coverage and are structured to facilitate savings on covered repairs during the warranty period.

Warranty At-A-Glance

The services offered with Securenet warranties vary based on the coverage you choose. Service pricing varies based on factors like your deductible, vehicle mileage, and the plan you choose. Like most warranty companies, it offers critical services including: 

  • Bumper-to-Bumper Coverage: This is a comprehensive plan that is available to both new and pre-owned vehicles. It addresses all parts of the vehicle, except components that are vulnerable to natural wear and tear, such as the tread on tire and brake pads. It addresses electrical issues, the powertrain system, and other parts likely to incur damage. Typically, the warranty extends to 100,000 miles.
  • Powertrain Coverage: Covering issues related to the engine, transmission, and drivetrain system, these warranties generally protect against costly repairs to parts required to make your car move. Usually, the coverage extends to 100,000 miles, though this can vary, especially if you have a used vehicle. 
  • Roadside Assistance: From emergency roadside service in the event of a flat or dead battery to car rental and trip interruption protection, all of the plans through Securenet come with roadside assistance. These services include lost key and lockout assistance, available nationwide. 
  • Anti-Perforation Coverage: The availability of this coverage depends on the vehicle, with particular weight placed on the vehicle’s quality at the time coverage is initiated. Generally, anti-perforation protection extends for seven years, while the mileage limitations vary based on the vehicle and specific service contract.


  • Free quotes available with an easy-to-use online service
  • Offers supplemental coverage with all of its warranty agreements
  • Lets you choose from multiple repair facilities and pays them directly
  • Plans are relatively inexpensive when you choose monthly payments


  • Very little information is made publicly available through the website
  • Warranties involve multiple parties, resulting in confusing administration
  • None of the plans’ coverage extends beyond the borders of the United States

Warranty In-Depth

The warranties offered by Securenet, facilitated by GS Administrators Inc., are relatively comprehensive. Each plan allows the vehicle operators to customize their chosen deductible. While all of the plans have some things in common, each type of coverage differs slightly. 

Bumper-to-Bumper Coverage

This coverage is the main service offered through Securenet and is available to both new and used vehicles. The plan specifics depend primarily on the state of the vehicle at the time the warranty is initiated. New vehicles typically can get coverage extending for several years and up to 100,000 miles. Older vehicles are subject to more restrictions and may require an inspection before activating the coverage. 

Bumper-to-bumper protection covers all of the vehicle’s main components, including those most likely to result in costly repairs. It includes the powertrain system, though extends beyond this to protect electrical damage and issues with the chassis. While bumper-to-bumper services are some of the most comprehensive plans available, there are caveats to the services. It doesn’t cover problems resulting from natural, inevitable wear, meaning it won’t cover you from wear on your tire treads and degradation of brake pads. 

As with other plans available through Securenet, this warranty comes with roadside assistance. The warranty price is paid monthly, and the amount varies depending on the deductible agreed upon between the retailer and the driver. The roadside assistance incentivizes drivers with services such as car rentals and lockout protection. 

Powertrain Coverage

As the core warranty service, the powertrain coverage addresses the vehicle’s key components required to make it move. This means that the powertrain warranty will cover the cost (after the deductible) for repairs to the transmission, engine, and drivetrain. Since these are the most expensive components to repair, it makes the warranty desirable. 

Powertrain warranties through Securenet are available on both new and pre-owned cars. The deductible, and the cost of the coverage, will vary depending on the vehicle’s mileage. It can also fluctuate depending on the make and model of the car itself. 

As with the other warranty plans, the powertrain coverage period depends on the specific agreement between the driver and the purveyor. Most warranties protect the vehicle up to 100,000 miles, though the timeline in question varies situationally. In addition to the basic powertrain protection, the warranty also includes roadside assistance services and trip interruption protection. 

Additional Coverage

While the main focus of Securenet warranties is the bumper-to-bumper offerings, it aims to draw in customers through supplemental features. If you drive long-distances or travel frequently, nationwide protection is one of the more desirable aspects of these warranties. Additionally, all of the warranties enable you to make an unlimited number of claims without impacting the terms of your agreement. 

All of the plans allow you to transfer the warranty coverage upon the vehicle’s sale, reducing the administrative burden on the party selling the vehicle. It can also serve to incentivize potential buyers. While the coverage is relatively straightforward, the presence of a warranty highlights that a used vehicle can access repairs without a hefty price tag. 

Each plan includes extra incentives — namely trip-interruption services — which include car rental coverage. Paired with emergency roadside assistance, available across the country, Securenet aims to grow its client base through perks.

What We Like

There are a few things that we appreciate about Securenet services — one of the most significant benefits is the availability of free quotes. Prospective customers need only access the Securenet website and fill out the user-friendly digital form. It requires nominal time investment and provides a breakdown of the options available to that specific vehicle. 

Another aspect of Securenet services that we like is the supplemental coverage with all of its warranties. All of the plans include roadside assistance. The specific services are trip interruption and car rental services, along with lost key and lockout assistance. Paired with nationwide protection, it makes it easy to get help when needed. 

Finally, we appreciate the ability of the driver to choose the repair facility used. Securenet deals and pays directly with the repair facility, easing any potential administrative burden on the driver. Plus, customer reviews indicate that the warranties’ monthly cost is reasonably low, though this metric will vary based on the vehicle in question.

What We Don’t Like

While there are several good things about Securenet warranties, some service aspects are not as great. The first is that the company makes very little information publicly available—its website is relatively bare, with few details and even fewer specifics. To access any specifics, you would need to request a quote. 

The warranties involve multiple parties, including CarShield, GS Administrators Inc, and a backing company called Sentruity. Though more than one business’s involvement is relatively common when dealing with warranties, when things pass through too many hands, it leaves more room for miscommunication and error. 

Finally, we don’t necessarily like the fact that the coverage doesn’t extend beyond American borders. While cross-border travel is often not covered by warranty, it is a helpful feature for long-haul drivers and frequent travelers alike. However, if you plan to stay within the United States border, the coverage areas of these plans aren’t an issue. 

Common Repair Costs

It’s important to take measures to ensure that the coverage you’re getting from Securenet (or any other warranty company) is going to protect you from the most likely damage. All warranties rely on risk management, determined both by the purveyor and the driver. To gain a full understanding of what to expect, it helps to understand the price tags that go along with the most likely repairs you will have to face. Some of the most common issues and repair costs include: 

  • Chevrolet Transmission Replacement: The cost of a new transmission, along with the labor involved, is $2,000 to $6,000—keep in mind that this may be covered by the GM extended warranty
  • Honda Engine Replacement: The price of replacing the engine on most Honda vehicles usually falls between $600 and $1,900. Engine repairs/replacements are covered under the Securenet bumper-to-bumper warranty. 
  • Ford Battery Replacement: Battery replacements can cost up to $250, assuming there is no damage to the surrounding electrical components. Electrical issues such as this are covered under the extended warranty protection. 


Warranties vary based on the provider. For instance, a GWC warranty will be different from services offered by Securenet. The best way to ensure that you find the right provider is to do thorough research, learn all of your options, and pick the balance of cost-effectiveness and comprehensive coverage that best suits your needs. 

Q: What does Securenet’s extended auto warranty cover?

The primary offering of Securenet warranties is bumper-to-bumper coverage. So long as the repairs are covered according to the contract’s underwriting (meaning it is within the time and mileage restrictions), it covers everything from powertrain to battery issues. Keep in mind that each contract’s specifics vary, so always check your agreement to be sure you understand what is covered. 

Q: Can I get a refund on Securenet extended car warranty?

If you pay monthly, then you can stop the service at any time. Conversely, if you pay for the warranty upfront, you can get a prorated refund for the services you did not use. Contact the customer service department using the information specified on your service contract. They will facilitate the cancellation process and, in most cases, issue your refund. 

Q: Does Securenet provide a good customer experience?

While customer reviews vary, based on the confusing website, lack of detailed information, and slow reply to messages, the customer service at Securenet leaves something to be desired. However, if you aren’t in a hurry and are comfortable working primarily through email, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. 

Is Securenets’ Warranty Worth It?

Though there are some benefits to getting a warranty with Securenet, there are many better options out there. Given the lack of available information and the conflicting customer reviews, it may be better to find a different warranty service. While it might be worth getting a quote, you can probably get more benefits using other warranties. However, if you are local to Texas and familiar with the Securenet business, it is a reasonably standard warranty provider that does offer nationwide coverage. 

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