Maserati Extended Warranty: Limited Options for the Sports Car

Look at Maserati's extended warranty programs to see if they are worth the money

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Maserati already has a good limited factory warranty that keeps your new car protected. But what if you want to extend that coverage? Maserati offers two extended warranty options to meet your needs. The first is an Extended Warranty that covers part of the car for years four and five of ownership. The second is a Limited Extended Warranty that covers part of the car for years six and seven. Here we will break down both, and what is and is not covered.

Warranty In-Depth

The Maserati extended warranty involves two programs. The first is its Extended Warranty, which covers two additional years past the factory warranty of four years/50,000 miles. This warranty only covers bumper-to-bumper issues and has no mileage cap. 

The second is the Limited Extended Warranty, which covers two extra years beyond that for the powertrain only, still with no mileage cap. There is no roadside assistance, no anti-perforation coverage, and routine maintenance is not included. 

Bumper-to-Bumper Coverage

The Extended Warranty covers years four and five of owning your Maserati. There is no mileage limit, which is excellent if you frequently take your sports car out for long drives. However, there are some stipulations. 

The first is that there is a mileage limit you must not surpass to be eligible for this warranty. You cannot have exceeded 80,778 miles for a gas engine. The second is it is only available for certain models: the Ghibli, Quattroporte, Levante, GranTurismo, and the GranCabrio. The third is that you must apply for this while the vehicle is still under its factory warranty. 

This warranty does not cover any alterations, repairs, or modifications that were made by anyone other than Maserati at a Maserati Service Center. You also must adhere to any routine maintenance or recall notices to take advantage of this warranty. Your Maserati must never have been used to race or been involved in any major accidents. 

Powertrain Coverage

Maserati offers a Limited Extended Warranty for years six and seven of owning your vehicle. This covers the powertrain exclusively and not bumper-to-bumper-related problems. It includes the engine, gearbox, and transmission. There is no mileage limit, but just like the prior bumper-to-bumper coverage, there are conditions. 

To be eligible for this coverage, you cannot exceed 93,205 miles. This warranty is only good for the Maserati Ghibli, Quattroporte, Levante, GranTurismo, and GranCabrio. You also must apply for this while under the Extended Warranty period. 

And just like the Extended Warranty, this powertrain coverage does not cover any alterations or repairs made from non-Maserati parts or services. If you do not respond to recalls or keep your vehicle in good condition, it will not be covered. And if you have used your powerful engine to race, or if it is involved in an accident, then it is not covered. 

What We Like

This Maserati coverage protects the majority of the vehicle with very little exclusions. The no mileage cap is good for a sports vehicle that you take on long drives. However, it is a double-edged sword because to be eligible for these coverage options, you can’t exceed a certain amount of miles. You get solid bumper-to-bumper protection in years four and five of vehicle ownership, and extra powertrain protection for years six and seven. 

Despite the two separate programs, it basically amounts to four extra years of coverage for your car. The exclusions based on racing, accidents, or non-approved alterations is not unreasonable. As long as you take good care of your Maserati, everything should be covered. Since this Italian vehicle has potentially costly foreign repair parts, the option for additional protection gives you added peace of mind. All in all, the coverage is decent. 

What We Don’t Like

However, there are some issues with this Maserati extended coverage that don’t match up to its competitors. Four extra years of coverage is less than Land Rover’s 10-year extended warranty. The fact that bumper-to-bumper coverage lasts only through years four and five and the powertrain only covers years six and seven, is rather odd. There is no mileage limit for any of Maserati’s warranties, but having a mileage eligibility seems to make the benefit a mute point. 

No roadside assistance for non-European residents doesn’t match up to its competitors, with manufacturers such as Lexus offering roadside assistance for the life of its extended warranty. There is also no extra anti-perforation coverage beyond the limited four-year warranty, but competitors on the market have this type of coverage for six to eight years. 

What this extended warranty lacks doesn’t make much sense when compared to other manufacturers, particularly for a luxury sports car like Maserati. 


When making a large investment in a car such as a Maserati, you may have some questions about what is and what is not covered. Here we have a couple of the most commonly-asked questions people have when deciding whether or not to extend their Maserati’s limited factory warranty. 

Q. What does Maserati’s extended warranty cover? 

A. It covers bumper-to-bumper-related issues for years four and five of ownership and powertrain coverage for years six and seven. 

Q. Does Maserati’s extended warranty offer roadside assistance? 

A. Roadside assistance is only for buyers based in Europe, not anywhere else Maseratis are sold. 

Is Maserati’s Extended Warranty Worth It?

For a luxury sports car such as Maserati, we would expect more perks. The basic bumper-to-bumper and powertrain coverages are solid, but they don’t last the entire extended warranty. Roadside assistance is only offered for certain Maserati owners. The exclusions to coverage are reasonable. But the mileage limit on the extended coverage makes the “unlimited mileage” tag not as enticing as it could be. 

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