A Look at Zeigler’s Warranty Policies

Find out more about how you can benefit from a Ziegler warranty.

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A Look at Zeigler’s Warranty Policies

Zeigler Auto Group has 33 locations and 77 franchises across the midwestern United States. Working with a whole host of automotive brands, this business offers warranties on affiliated vehicles, both domestic and imported. Opening its doors in 1975, this brand has earned several awards for its customer service quality and staff satisfaction. The warranties, however, vary based on the individual location and the vehicle in question.

Warranty At-A-Glance

In terms of warranty content, the offerings of Zeigler-affiliated companies are relatively standard. With five plans to choose from, the warranty selections are diverse enough to provide suitable coverage to a whole host of different vehicles. 

  • Extended Vehicle Protection Plan: This plan is the industry-standard extended warranty. It is meant to offer protection on new vehicles until they are 12 years old or reach 160,000 miles. It extends the manufacturer's mechanical coverage, though the factory backs the plan itself. This service deals with standard mechanical issues, mainly the powertrain on the vehicle. 
  • Road Hazard/Tire Wheel: This protection plan lasts for seven years and is meant to address damage to the wheels from unforeseen circumstances. This arrangement protects everything from clipping the curb to running through a pothole. It covers the cost of replacement or repair of all four tires, provided the damage occurs within the warranty terms. 
  • Auto Appearance Care: Available throughout the lifespan of your vehicle, the auto appearance care package covers any cars that are less than 11 years old  (with under 80,000 miles). The coverage protects all of the exterior surfaces of your vehicle, including issues like dents and scratches no more than four inches across. 
  • Extended Vehicle Protection Plan/Road Hazard/Tire Wheel/Auto Appearance: Easily the most comprehensive warranty arrangement, this protection plan deals with damage to the tires and wheels for seven years. It covers full replacement or repairs. The appearance coverage supplements this protection to handle touch-ups to scratches and dents on the chassis. As the most comprehensive plan, it gives bumper-to-bumper protection for everything from electrical concerns and powertrain issues.


  • Diverse warranty offerings to let you customize coverage.
  • Works on both new and used automobiles from several dealerships.
  • Plans have reasonable time and mileage limits. 


  • Warranties differ based on the individual dealership and vehicle. 
  • Information is not readily available and can be difficult to access. 
  • Full coverage requires the most comprehensive (and costly) plan.

Warranty In-Depth

While the warranties backed by the Zeigler Auto Group vary based on the dealership and the vehicle in question, there are some standard packages you can find at most spots. The key is risk management: consider what issues you are most likely to face and find a warranty covering those concerns. 

Extended Vehicle Protection Plans 

The specifics of these warranties differ depending on the dealership and vehicle. For example, a Ford warranty won’t be identical to that of a Dodge one since these cars are inherently different and have varying needs. Some central tenets of coverage remain consistent, though. This type of coverage is meant to always cover the powertrain components, though it is available in tiered levels. 

The PremiumCare package covers over a thousand parts on both new and used vehicles and is easily the most comprehensive offering. It protects against costly expenses when fixing anything from electrical issues to wheels. In this way, you could call it bumper-to-bumper protection. The mileage cap will depend on the individual vehicle. 

Less comprehensive extended service plans are available, too. The next step down covers 113 components, then 84 parts, and finally 29 parts. All plans protect the engine, transmission, and axle system in the vehicle. Whether your ride is new or used, and the dealership you’re dealing with, warranty specifics and prices will vary. 

Road Hazard/ Tire/ Wheel Warranty

This coverage is specific to damage caused by driving on the road. In terms of extended service for wheels, it is relatively comprehensive. The plans include coverage for the costs of damage to tires related to road hazards. That includes everything from glass to nails to curbs to potholes. It extends to issues incurred by the wheels and axles. While the specific plan durations vary, a typical arrangement is seven years. 

Tire and wheel warranty protection comes with emergency roadside assistance. This covers the cost of tows and, depending on the specific arrangement, can also compensate you for a temporary vehicle rental. Emergency assistance is available around the clock, making it easier and more cost-effective to get help if you blow a tire. 

Auto Appearance Care 

This plan is focused on external damage to the vehicle, covering issues related to dents and scratches. While the arrangement's specific terms vary based on the dealership supplying the protection plan, all of them cover paintless dent repair

The plans extend to vehicles that are no older than 11 years and haven't exceeded 80,000 miles. Drivers can supplement the basic auto appearance care package with other services, including carpet and upholstery repair and windshield upkeep. 

Often, plans will include a caveat on the scratches where the paint must not have been broken, and the damage cannot exceed 4 inches in width. This is because damage exceeding this range often cannot be repaired using the above-noted technique and would require an entirely new panel. 

Additional Coverage 

In addition to the separate plans, some arrangements offer a different combination of the services. By far, the most comprehensive is the Premium Extended Warranty with a road hazard, tire and wheel, and appearance care coverage. The main component of the warranty is the bumper-to-bumper protection, though you get more protection from the other services. 

This plan is the most costly, though it carries the least risk of individual parts not being covered under warranty. It offers the aesthetic benefits of auto appearance care; and, depending on the specific agreement, will replace windshields for only the cost of the deductible.

The tire and wheel services are also included in this warranty service, along with the emergency roadside assistance arrangements. Though it comes with a heftier upfront cost, the plan gives your vehicle complete protection for the longest time possible. Generally, the full plan is only for new vehicles since used models will often exceed the mileage and age restrictions. 

Things We Like

There are quite a few things that we like about Zeigler Auto Group warranties, the most significant being the diverse offerings. The ability to get a warranty from a well-reputed group on different makes and models of vehicles makes the service very desirable. It means that, whether you drive a Ford, a Dodge, or another major brand, you can protect yourself financially. 

The warranties themselves are also fairly comprehensive. Within the extended arrangement alone, there are several tiers of coverage. The most thorough of these protects over 1,000 vehicle components, drastically reducing the likelihood that the warranty won’t cover a broken part. 

Another thing that we appreciate is that the warranties have reasonable caveats in terms of mileage and lifespan. With many extending to over 100,000 miles of travel, you can remain protected from the risk of hefty repair costs on your car. Even the auto appearance coverage is reasonably comprehensive, making aesthetic fixes more accessible and less expensive. 

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Things We Don’t Like

No warranty is without flaws, so, naturally, there are a few things that we don’t like about Zeigler warranties. For one thing, there is no centralized information related to the warranties offered by the Zeigler group. The arrangements differ based on the individual dealership and the vehicles with which they work. 

Due to the multiple dealerships involved with Zeigler, it can pose a bit of a challenge to find information about pricing and specific services. Since so much about warranties deals with underwriting, making a comprehensive assessment without access to the information can be challenging. The best way to access specifics is directly through the dealership, though there is no guarantee that the specifics will hold true when dealing with a different service provider. 

The only other issue we take is that you need the most comprehensive plan to fully protect yourself from the potential expenses of car repairs. The number of components covered by the extended warranty drops from over 1,000 to just over 100 parts if you go only one tier lower. As a result, without the full protection of the most expensive plan, you will likely find that the plan doesn’t cover a part that needs repairs. 

Common Repair Costs

Two of the most common affiliates of Zeigler are Ford and Chrysler. While the individual make and models will have different repair prices, it is still useful to have a picture of what you stand to save. To give you a ballpark, we’ve focused on the powertrain coverage for three common vehicles. This way, you can see what the warranty could save you. 

Some of the most common issues and repair costs can be found through the Zeigler Auto Group Service Center. See below for some examples of repair expenses without a warranty:

  • Dodge Charger Engine Replacement: $1,500 to $3,000
  • Ford Taurus Exhaust System Repair: $746 to $765
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee Transmission Replacement: $1,800 to $3,400


Determining the best warranty for your vehicle, or whether to get one at all, is a matter of risk management. It’s about identifying how likely you are to incur repair costs and whether it is financially wise to invest in a warranty ahead of time. The key is to complete thorough research so that you can be fully aware of what you’re getting into. While many details are dealership-specific, we’ve sought to address the most common inquiries here. 

Q: What does Zeigler’s extended auto warranty cover?

Depending on the service plan you choose and the affiliated dealership, you can get fully comprehensive bumper-to-bumper coverage. The most thorough warranty covers over 1,000 parts, while the least comprehensive arrangement protects 29 of the most critical vehicle components.

Q: What does a Zeigler warranty cover?

You can get Zeigler warranties exclusively for road hazard issues (tire and wheel protection). There are auto appearance services for topical damage. Extended warranty services are also available. For thorough protection, you can combine the services to avoid the potential of costly repairs. 

Q: How much does a Zeigler warranty cost?

The warranty price will vary based on the dealership, the vehicle, and the services you are getting. You can often expect to pay $1,200 to $1,500 every month for your warranty services, with the higher end representing the more complete coverage. 

Is a Zeigler Warranty Worth It?

Protecting yourself from the risk of costly repairs is a worthy investment, provided you understand the terms of the arrangement. Because Zeigler is affiliated with dealerships mainly in Illinois and Indiana, it’s only really worth getting one of these warranties if you are in the area. If you are close to a dealership, then it’s a reputable warranty supplier with many offerings. Those who are outside of this area are more likely to benefit from another warranty service. 

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