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Jaguar’s CPO Warranty

If your top pick is a used Jaguar vehicle, we highly recommend buying one with a certified pre-owned warranty

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Jaguar is one of the pioneers of the concept of Certified Pre-Owned vehicles. Jaguar’s CPO program is now among the most comprehensives ones with great attention to detail and customer satisfaction. It enables customers to enjoy one of the key benefits of buying a brand new Jaguar—the warranty coverage—at a significantly lower price point.

Jaguar CPO warranty covers repairs and replacements to the parts that become defective under normal usage in the first 100,000 miles or the first seven years, whichever comes first. The base warranty length used to be just six years, but they stretched it to seven years to further heighten the value and appeal of CPO vehicles and offer greater peace of mind for buyers far and wide. CPO cars are just as reliable as new cars, as the reconditioning work is done by seasoned Jaguar technicians using the right diagnostic equipment and tools and genuine Jaguar parts.

Warranty In-Depth

The limited Jaguar CPO warranty is added on top of the new car warranty. The Jaguar CPO warranty covers repair in case of sudden electrical or mechanical failure, and the work is done by actual Jaguar trained technicians using only Jaguar genuine parts. The warranty covers most car components from the vehicle’s original date of purchase. This CPO warranty essentially extends the original warranty of the car by 40,000 miles or two years.

Bumper-to-Bumper Coverage

The coverage is up within seven years or 100,000 miles of coverage from the purchase date. The warranty covers all repairs to everything on the Jaguar CPO car except the “wear items”, which include tires, windshield wipers, brake pads, brake rotors, light bulbs, window glass, and other parts that deteriorate with constant use.

Powertrain Coverage

The powertrain warranty is good for seven years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. You can rest easy knowing that your engine, drivetrain, and transmission are all covered. Should these parts become damaged or defective, the CPO warranty takes care of the repair or replacement. This does not include the parts affected by wear and tear like CV joints, boots, and clutches.

Additional Coverage

The Jaguar CPO Warranty features 24-hour roadside assistance. Should your CPO vehicle break down, encounter minor emergencies like tire puncture, or come across dead batteries and emergency fuel delivery, your vehicle is covered for the whole duration of the warranty. The roadside assistance coverage is up 24 hours a day. There also are free towing services, lock-out services, and so on. The roadside assistance coverage begins when your Jaguar New-Vehicle Limited Warranty ends.

Every CPO car owner also gets a full vehicle history report, including CARFAX service report, reviews of their Jaguar car, vehicle mileage, maintenance history, and other auto attributes.

Jaguar CPO customers can also enjoy better peace of mind, as every approved CPO car goes through a 165-point inspection. This means that every CPO vehicle is in optimum mechanical and electrical condition.

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Jaguar technicians use the most advanced diagnostic tools and technologies to inspect the total engine preparation, electrical systems, paintwork, heating/air conditioning, road test, and interior. A vehicle has to pass every one of the 165 required checks to be approved.

Also, for a vehicle to be approved as a Certified Pre-Owned car, it has to be less than 5 years old with fewer than 60,000 miles.

No Warranty Deductible

There is no deductible for all warrantable repairs covered under the Jaguar CPO Program.

Transferable Warranty

Should you decide to sell your Jaguar Approved CPO vehicle, the new owner will also receive the warranty upon purchase. It’s all fully transferable.

What We Like

When you buy a Jaguar CPO car, you get to enjoy a lightly worn and factory-backed used vehicle, and Jaguar CPO warranty is definitely one that stands out. The warranty lasts for seven years or 100,000 miles and covers most vehicle components from the purchase date.

We also like the attractive extras, including roadside assistance, which is the same as the warranty length. There is also the transferability to the new buyer in case you decide to sell it while you are still under the CPO warranty coverage. There also is no deductible for all warranty repairs.

Also, not all companies include electric failure in the warranty coverage, but Jaguar does, which is a huge perk. Going for Jaguar CPO cars also helps you qualify for low-interest financing.

What We Don’t Like

Like other companies, Jaguar’s CPO warranty does have limitations. It doesn’t cover wear and tear, regular maintenance, and damage caused by improper maintenance, car misuse, and environmental factors. There also is no return or exchange policy.

Common Repair Costs

Some of the most common issues and repair costs with Jaguar vehicles:

  • Jaguar XF: Brake Pad Replacement ($199 to $705)
  • Jaguar XF: Head Gasket Replacement ($2,118 to $4,578)
  • Jaguar XJ: Water Pump Replacement ($1,492 to $1,681)
  • Jaguar F-Pace: Alternator Replacement ($1,035 to $1,066)
  • Jaguar F-Type: Spark Plug Replacement ($197 to $538)


Q. What is the Jaguar CPO warranty?

A. It covers up to seven years or 100,000 miles, whichever occurs first from the vehicle’s in-service date. The CPO warranty then extends the car’s original warranty by two years or 40,000 miles.

Q. How affordable or expensive are Jaguar CPO cars?

A. If you choose to go for a Jaguar Certified Pre-Owned car, you may have to pay 16% higher than a normal “used” Jaguar vehicle that is not certified by the program, but the CPO warranty it tags along is definitely worth it.

Q. Why are more Jaguar customers turning to CPO models?

A. Not everyone can afford to buy or lease a brand new Jaguar. People also like the thought of enjoying the value of a 2-3-year-old vehicle with the extended manufacturer-backed warranty intact. Also, all CPO models are required to pass 165 checks before they go for sale, and there is zero warranty deductible. Plus, you get 24/7 roadside assistance for the whole duration of the warranty.

Is Jaguar’s CPO Warranty Worth It?

Jaguar’s CPO program definitely helps people get ahold of the car of their dreams for a price way less than they thought possible. It does cost more to buy a CPO vehicle as compared to buying just any used one, but the CPO program gives you better peace of mind and reliability all the way. Also, many warranties cover the powertrain for 100,000 miles or seven years, but Jaguar covers electrical failure as well, which is indeed a score.

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