Lamborghini’s Limited Warranty: Great Coverage for a Supercar

An overview of Lamborghini’s limited warranty and what is and is not covered

byScott Roepel| UPDATED Apr 29, 2022 3:16 PM
Lamborghini’s Limited Warranty: Great Coverage for a Supercar

This Italian supercar manufacturer offers a fairly comprehensive limited factory warranty on all new Lamborghinis. With stunning models such as the Huracan, the Aventador, and the Gallardo, you will want to be sure your new car lasts a long time. However, there are some drawbacks to this warranty. Here, we will take a deep dive into all aspects of Lamborghini’s limited warranty, the good and the bad points, and what it will cover.

Warranty In-Depth

Lamborghini’s limited warranty lumps both bumper-to-bumper coverage and powertrain coverage into one that lasts for three years with no mileage caps. It offers a long, 12-year anti-perforation coverage to keep it looking in tip-top shape. Its 24-hour roadside assistance will take your car to the nearest retailer to fix it, free of extra charge to you. 

Bumper-to-Bumper Coverage

Lamborghini’s bumper-to-bumper coverage lasts for three years, but it puts no mileage cap on it. This is better than competitors and gives you a sense of security if you intend to take your new supercar on extended drives. It’s fairly comprehensive coverage that encompasses factory-based issues with the air conditioning, brake systems, steering, suspension, and everything else inside and out. 

But the three-year cap is shorter than others on the market, which typically offer four-year warranties. There are also some exclusions. Environmental damage from floods, earthquakes, or storms is not covered. If you are reckless with or neglect your car, Lamborghini will not cover the resulting damage. If repairs or modifications are made by a third-party, the warranty will no longer cover those components. As you would expect, general wear and tear, cosmetic issues, or damage caused by car accidents are also not covered. This is an industry standard and aligns with many other manufacturers’ limited warranties. 

Powertrain Coverage

Lamborghini lumps in powertrain coverage with bumper-to-bumper coverage, so you are still looking at a three-year unlimited mileage warranty. This is a bit surprising, considering these critical aspects of the vehicle are given such a short coverage period. Many competitors on the market offer up to a six-year warranty on the powertrain. The components of the car covered here include the engine, driveshafts, transmission, gears, the axle housing, and other related parts. Any failure or damage resulting from workmanship issues or bad materials is covered. 

No mileage cap is good if you intend to drive your new supercar hard. But three years is a very short amount of time. If you are too reckless, the resulting damage will not be covered. If you modify the engine yourself, then it will no longer be covered under Lamborghini’s limited warranty. And like the bumper-to-bumper coverage, damage caused by accidents, general wear and tear, and weather-related damage are not covered. 

Additional Coverage

Lamborghini supplies anti-perforation coverage that lasts for 12 years. Any corrosion or rust from a factory defect is covered. This warranty begins from the date of delivery to the original retail customer. 

There is also 24-hour toll-free roadside assistance service. If you have a warranty-related issue, Lamborghini will send someone to take your vehicle to the nearest retailer for repairs. This gives you peace of mind when you are driving your new supercar on a trip or just around the city. 

Unlike other manufacturers, Lamborghini does offer maintenance under its limited warranty. Included services are oil filter changes, air filter changes, brake fluid changes, and minor inspections and repairs. However, a comprehensive inspection is not included under this warranty. And be aware that not all repairs and maintenance are covered, so you will need to double-check if it applies to your specific model. 

Feeling Overwhelmed?

What We Like

There is plenty to like about Lamborghini’s factory warranty. It covers a multitude of issues that could go wrong. Features like roadside assistance and a transferable warranty are excellent additions. If your car has an issue, it will be taken directly to a Lamborghini retailer for repairs. This is the type of service you would expect from this brand. 

The no-mileage cap on the bumper-to-bumper coverage and powertrain coverage is great, particularly for a supercar like Lamborghini. Many people want to take their shiny new car out for extended drives when it is brand new. This unlimited mileage warranty rewards that adventurous spirit. Nearly everything is covered, outside of damage you would do to it yourself, third-party modifications, and vehicle accidents. This is fair and comparable to most other manufacturers. The extended anti-perforation coverage is fantastic and well beyond other competitors on the market. Lamborghini is known for its styling, after all, and you would expect that to be well taken care of. 

What We Don’t Like

There are some issues with this limited warranty, though there aren’t many. The three-year length on the bumper-to-bumper coverage is less than other competitors. If Lamborghini is already offering no mileage cap, it seems strange to lessen the year length. 

The powertrain coverage is well under what other competitors offer by about three years. This is such a critical part of the car that reducing its coverage seems like a strange choice. High-quality components in your powertrain should last well beyond that, so there should not be an issue in covering them. 

There are overall some exclusions to this limited warranty, but not many. Full inspections, weather-related damage, and modifications are all not covered. But that is fairly standard across the industry and not too much of a drawback. If it wasn’t for the glaring issue with the reduced length of both the bumper-to-bumper coverage and powertrain coverage, there wouldn’t be anything to be concerned about. 

Common Repair Costs

Some of the most common issues and repair costs with Lamborghini vehicles:

  • Lamborghini Murcielago: Spark plugs ($461)
  • Lamborghini Murcielago: Front brake pads ($1,432)


The purchase of a supercar Lamborghini is not a light one. Coming with that cost, you will want to be certain you understand the ins and outs of the factory warranty. Below are a few common questions new vehicle owners have when they look to purchase a Lamborghini and are wondering about the factory warranty’s details. 

Q.How much does it cost to service a Lamborghini? 

A. A yearly cost for maintenance is about $1,000, so take advantage of the routine maintenance that comes with the limited warranty. 

Q.How many miles does the Lamborghini factory warranty last? 

A. There is no mileage cap, but it does stop at three years. 

Is Lamborghini’s Limited Warranty Worth It?

Overall, this is an excellent warranty. It covers the majority of things that could go wrong with your car. It has roadside assistance and excellent anti-perforation coverage. There is no mileage limit on the bumper-to-bumper warranty and powertrain warranty, but they both stop at three years. That is much less than other competitors, but the whole of the factory warranty is solid. 

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