Is Harley-Davidson’s Extended Warranty Worth the Extra Expense?

The pros and cons of Harley-Davidson’s extended service plan

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When you buy a Harley-Davidson, you get more than just a motorcycle. You become part of an exclusive group of people who appreciates the value of American iron and the freedom that comes along with riding on two wheels. It's a great feeling that you don't want to interrupt with an unexpected breakdown.

Fortunately, there are warranty plans you can purchase to prevent potentially costly repairs. Before the factory warranty on your H-D expires, you have the option of getting an extended service plan. Read more about the coverage in our guide below.

Warranty In-Depth

Brand-new Harley-Davidson motorcycles come with a two-year, unlimited warranty. But what if you want coverage that extends beyond 24 months? That's where the extended service plan kicks in. You can purchase an H-D factory-endorsed ESP anytime before the factory warranty expires. This type of warranty is designed to provide peace of mind when it comes to repairs.

Fender-to-Fender Coverage

The Harley-Davidson extended warranty provides up to seven years of coverage with no mileage cap, depending on the terms of your particular contract. The plan covers over 1,100 parts on your motorcycle, which is nearly everything between the fenders. The coverage protects against mechanical breakdowns and includes all major components and systems.

All extended warranty repairs are performed at Harley-Davidson dealerships by trained technicians who use only genuine H-D motor parts. There is a $50 deductible for all covered repairs.

Many riders choose to purchase an extended warranty because there may be an instance in which the repair ends up being more expensive than the cost of buying the extended service plan. That's because repair costs have been rising due to advances in technology.

Should you decide to sell your Harley-Davidson before the extended service plan expires, you can transfer the coverage to a new owner for a $25 fee. This is not a common practice and is a big benefit because it can increase the resale value of your bike.

Additional Coverage

The extended service plan includes travel protection in the form of an Expense Reimbursement Package. If your bike breaks down due to a warranty-related defect, Harley-Davidson will provide $75 per day (up to $750) for a rental vehicle and $150 per day (up to $450) for meals and lodging. The company will also kick in up to $200 to tow your bike to an authorized dealership.

If you pay an additional surcharge, you will receive optional tire and wheel coverage. If you damage your tires or wheels due to a road hazard, you are not responsible for the repair costs. 

The company also offers a Stand-Alone H-D Tire & Wheel Protection plan with no deductible with up to seven years of coverage. The H-D Tire & Wheel plan also offers expense reimbursement for towing, rental vehicles, lodging, and meals.

Also, no matter where you break down, H-D will help through its nationwide repair assistance service by directing you to the nearest Harley-Davidson dealership for repairs.

What We Like

The best thing about Harley-Davidson's extended service plan is that it provides nearly comprehensive protection. It covers more than 1,100 parts, so there's a good chance that you will escape potentially hefty repair bills should something go wrong. In addition, the plan has a coverage duration of up to seven years should you choose to invest in that length of protection.

We also like that there are no mileage limitations with the extended service plan. It doesn't matter if you ride 1,000 or 10,000 miles a year because the plan will provide protection regardless. This is a particularly appealing feature to bikers who put a lot of miles on their machines.

Another benefit is the plan's transferability. While it's not uncommon for a basic factory warranty to transfer from one owner to the next, it's not as common when it comes to extended service plans. This is beneficial because a potential buyer may be more interested in your bike compared to one that does not come with the coverage, which in turn can boost the resale value.

Finally, H-D provides travel reimbursement through its extended service plan. If you're stranded and need a rental vehicle or lodging for a night or two while your bike is being serviced for warranty repairs, the company will cover the expenses.

What We Don’t Like

Unlike a factory warranty, you have to pay for the extended service plan. It's a package that you purchase separately from the basic warranty, and you must meet with a member of the sales department at your particular dealership to determine how much the extended service plan will cost.

You also need to purchase the extended service plan before the factory warranty expires. You can do this when you first take your new bike home or within two years of ownership. In addition, there's a $50 deductible for covered repairs. If for some reason problems surface with your bike even just a couple times a year, this deductible can add up.

While the extended warranty provides travel reimbursement benefits, it doesn't provide roadside assistance. You have to join the Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) to get this type of assistance. Again, this is another yearly expense that you need to add to your bottom line.


By now you know a lot about H-D's extended service plan and what it does and doesn't provide to its customers. However, you may still have some questions about the plan, such as its cost and how it compares to the bike maker's factory warranty, which comes standard with all new motorcycles.

Q. How much is a Harley-Davidson extended warranty? 

A. The price of a Harley-Davidson extended service plan is based on several conditions, including how long you plan on extending the coverage after the factory warranty expires. You need to check with a Harley-Davidson dealership for details, but expect to pay a few hundred dollars a year.

Q. What does the Harley-Davidson extended warranty cover? 

A. The Harley-Davidson extended service plan covers more than 1,100 major components and systems.

Q. How long is the warranty on a Harley-Davidson?

A. The factory warranty on a Harley-Davidson is two years, with unlimited mileage. 

Is Harley-Davidson’s Extended Warranty Worth It?

One thing that the Harley-Davidson extended service plan does is provide peace of mind. If you ride your bike frequently and don't want to get stuck with potentially expensive repair bills, then it's worth considering. Plus, you can transfer it to a new owner, and it comes with travel reimbursement and towing service, which are an added bonus.

The downside is that you have to pay for this plan. If you work on your own bike and rely less on a professional mechanic for repairs, it may not be necessary. Ultimately, it's up to you to decide if it's worth purchasing.

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