Watch New Hampshire State Troopers Break Up Pursuit Practice With Some NASCAR-Style Fun

We bet the New Hampshire State Police would love if all pursuits were this civilized.

New Hampshire Motor Speedway

High speed pursuits can be one of the most dangerous activities a police officer participates in throughout his or her career. In order to minimize those risks, departments heavily invest in pursuit training, giving their officers through extensive experience with evasive maneuvers, high speed PITs, pursuing a suspect, and much more.

The New Hampshire State Police are responsible for ensuring order is maintained on New Hampshire's roadways and communities. Rather than playing the game of risk and hoping for the best, New Hampshire State Police send their troopers to the New Hampshire Motor Speedway to learn pursuit tactics and ready themselves for some of the harshest roadways in the country. 

Although training is a very serious ordeal for the New Hampshire State Police, they also know how to make a good gag. Since New Hampshire Motor Speedway is home to several NASCAR Cup Series races, they decided to do a hilarious video with the New Hampshire State Police. The video starts with six Dodge Charger Pursuits pursuing a Toyota Corolla code-3 (lights and sirens) through the grounds, until a Toyota Camry pace car comes out. The pursuit goes under caution, the troopers drop out of code-3 and the rate of speed drastically reduces. The pace car than pulls off the road and the pursuit is activated once again. All in all, it's pretty hilarious.

Speaking of the New Hampshire State Police—remember how we said "One of the most dangerous activities an officer participates in throughout his or her career?" Well, one of the others is the mundane traffic stop. Unfortunately people don't head the "move over law" where drivers are supposed to slow down below the speed limit and give at least one lane of breathing room between an officer pulled over and their vehicle. This video below shows a trooper almost getting hit by a bus.