Weekly Wire for September 9th, 2016: Singer-Customized Porsches, Burrito-Delivering Drones, and New Tires for Old Supercars

A peek back at three of the bigger stories from the past week.

This week on Weekly Wire, The Drive's Mike Spinelli, Will Sabel Courtney, and Eric Goeres sit down to discuss a pair of topics close to the hearts of everyone at the site: sports cars and drones. Among the news the panel touches on: Google and Chipotle are joining forces to deliver burritos by drone to students and employees at Virginia Tech; two separate companies are now making new tires for the 1990s-era Jaguar XJ220 supercar; and what it's like to drive a classic Porsche 911 that's been customized by the master craftspeople at Singer Vehicle Design. And of course, there's the usual mix of inane jokes, offbeat cultural references, and in-depth conversation about classic rock. But to paraphrase LeVar Burton, you don't have to take our word for it.