Scott Disick Sucks But His Cars Don’t

Looking for easy entree into cars? Check out this jabroni’s Instagram feed.

bySean Evans| PUBLISHED Jan 28, 2016 9:14 PM
Scott Disick Sucks But His Cars Don’t

Scott Disick sucks. He sucks like Patrick Bateman, the serial killer from American Psycho, sucks. Both are vain and unapologetically misogynistic, with an innate sense of one-upmanship. Both are also unrepentant sociopaths. They only differ in two ways: Disick hasn’t killed anyone (that we know of) and Disick is a real, actual person.

Which means he’s a horrible example of humanity. To be crystal clear: We don’t care about Scott Disick. Not at all. We care about cars. But people care about him, and we care about people caring about cars. So if it takes a self-indulgent, private-jet-setting, thoroughly-monogramed piece of human garbage to get autos in your eyeballs, so be it. Because, all B.S. aside, the cars that dude posts on Instagram are properly beautiful.

A crop of every incredible Ferrari. AC Shelby Cobras. Classic Mercedes. A slew of Rolls Royces. Bugatti. Lamborghini. Vintage Jaguars. Even a two-wheeling Toyota. All these and more pop up the deeper you dive in. We doubt he owns all of them. Or perhaps any of them. (Who knows what kind of rental or loaner deals he’s able to finagle.) We’re just saying his automotive tastes aren’t bad. Judge for yourself.