The 10 Best Automotive Instagram Accounts of 2015

We have carpal tunnel and bleary eyes. Never has so much beauty been at our fingertips.

byBen Keeshin| PUBLISHED Dec 22, 2015 2:39 PM
The 10 Best Automotive Instagram Accounts of 2015

Photography has never been fresher or more accessible. Instagram allows snappers—professional and amateur alike—to show the entire, smartphone-equipped world where they are, what’s going on and what’s worth their eyeballs’ time. Instagram is a photo-processing platform and photo-sharing platform in one, meaning that the process between stealing a shot of that perfect, powder-blue Mercedes-Benz 300D and receiving 200 validating “likes” from friends and strangers takes no more than two minutes. For car people, that means constant updates on what awesome metal is on the street, in workshops and sometimes, even, in designers’ heads. Looking—nay, scrolling—back through 2015’s most vibrant automotive posts, we came up with a list of the Instagram accounts you should not enter 2016 without. It’s a whole new digital world: Don’t miss it.


Photographer Richard Thompson (the Third!) takes awesome journeys and never leaves his camera behind. The results? Posts that include twin, stark white Ferrari F40s, a perfect Maserati MC12 in the rain and the best part of the new Porsche Cayman GT4, the flank.


Alex Bernstein is a car- and motor-obsessed photographer, each of whose shots is crisper, richer and more packed with golden light than the last. There’s a lot of great landscape here, but we keep coming back for the detail shots.


As you’d guess from the title, this Instagram account is all about the hunt for the perfect car-centric shot. Entries include a starburst orange BMW 2002 Roundie, an unspeakably delicious mid-Eighties 911 and a host of big-block American fastbacks. He may not have captured exactly the beast he seeks, but we’re loving the documentation along the way.


Do you like perfectly restored, low-mileage Benzes from the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties? How about veritable cascades of them, well-lit and beautifully shot among California’s hills, valleys and deserts? Follow the guys at Mercedes Motoring, and save up to get some of that pristine MBTex into your life.


Magnus is the supreme maestro of Porches. Restored, unrestored; new, old; fast, slow as molasses up a hill. The man’s account would be fantastic if it only included the great 911s (and 914s) in his stable, but the quality of photography pushes it into “must follow.” The only downside is that you’re lust for the air-cooled Porsche 911 you can’t afford will only intensify.


It’s rare to find a vintage car obsession that doesn’t hew to a particular brand or nationality. To Petrolicious’ credit, this channel features beautiful, older cars from around the world. Photos of German race cars right before American trucks? Of course. Million-dollar Italian cars from the Jet Set age following banged-up JDM drift cars? The juxtaposition you never knew you needed.


“Classy” is, at this point, a meaningless term, but if an ice-silver Porsche 918 Spyder drifting over actual ice isn’t classy, then we submit our automotive credentials to the shredder.


A beautiful account from a woman and car-lover who knows that the best backdrop to almost anything is a cloudy sky.


Trying to keep up with the fast and changing vintage car market? Classic Car Chasers has a pulse, and its iPhone lenses are trained on every important auction, so you’ll know exactly how much your dream car goes for as it sells to someone else.


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