Drive Wire: Audi’s New R8 Gets A Power And Price Bump

In supercar news, Audi’s 2017 R8 will start at $164,150 for the base model. Savvy shoppers will note that this is almost $50,000 more than last year’s base R8, but remember, Audi has discontinued the 8-cylinder models in favor of the V-10, so you’re getting more supercar for your dollar….kind of. Now, while some of us at The Drive preferred the smaller-engine R8, we have to admit that this is still a fantastic car for the money. With the top-line R8 stickered at just over $190,000 dollars for 620 horsepower, it’s basically a German Lambo. Hey, it’s gotta be a blast if it made new Top Gear host Chris Evans puke.