Genesis Hypes the G70 Sport Sedan Ahead of Unveiling in Seoul, South Korea

Can Hyundai’s luxury brand be competitive in the sport sedan game?

byEric Brandt| UPDATED Sep 5, 2017 4:27 PM
Genesis Hypes the G70 Sport Sedan Ahead of Unveiling in Seoul, South Korea

Hyundai’s newish Genesis brand, launched in 2016, has already been seeing its shares of highs and lows. As the brand makes an effort to distance itself from its volume-brand parent, Genesis is working on getting people excited about the third installment coming to its slim lineup. This might sound like a good thing to introduce at the Frankfurt Auto Show that's starting next week—but the G70 sport sedan will be unveiled on its home turf in Seoul, South Korea on September 15th.

Serving as the entry-level car for Genesis, the G70 promises to be a pure sport sedan. It will lower the cost of entry into the Genesis brand, and it’s taking the fight straight to the top players in the entry-luxury game like the BMW 3 Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class, and Audi A4.

While Genesis is keeping the car under wraps, it couldn’t keep it a secret from Instagram. A pre-production Genesis G70 was spotted by Instagram user car_photographer_yjs. It doesn't offer a great look at the car, but we can see the general long hood/short trunk shape, as well as a lovely blue paint job and stylish wheels that remind us of the Mercedes-AMG GT.

If that’s not enough of a sneak peek for you, Instagram user the_koreanbeast gives us a glimpse of the interior in the G70. In the post below, we see lightly-bolstered seats, quilted door trim, and a tidy center stack with a mushroom-style shifter and what appears to be a big infotainment screen.

But Genesis hasn't been letting Instagram have all the fun. The carmaker released a quick teaser (which you can watch below) hyping the official unveiling of the G70 next week.

Would you consider a Genesis G70 or would you rather stick with a more experienced sport sedan? Let us know in the comments.