Put McQueen’s Bullitt Mustang on Your Blazer

Because an arsenal of pocket squares and a tie bar can only take a man so far.

byMax Prince|
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Even well made and ideally tailored, a blazer is still a blazer. The gent next to you is wearing one. So is your boss, and your boss’s boss, and whatever schmuck has the misfortune of calling you “boss.” The secret, as is often the case, lies in the details. But an arsenal of pocket squares and a clever tie bar can only take a man so far. This year, the lapel pin is making a comeback.

Get on board with this one from Pintrill. Yes, that’s everybody’s favorite Ford Mustang GT, the Highland Green fastback from Steve McQueen’s Bullitt, frozen in its iconic bootleg-turn pose. This little blazer mascot is made from silver plated brass with hard enamel, and sized just right at 1x1 inches. The plume of tire smoke is the clincher. For $12, it’s a no-brainer.