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Indian Motorcycles Announces New Scout, Return to Flat-Track Racing

A new entry-level Scout, and the return of a legend.

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The new Scout is doing gangbusters; at one point earlier this year, Indian was even struggling to produce enough bikes to meet demand. Riders are hooked, and now the motorcycle maker has a new gateway drug: Get acquainted with the 2016 Scout Sixty.

The name’s a callback to slant and swept volume of the engine, a 999cc (read: 60ci) liquid-cooled V-twin. Output comes in at a stout 78 horsepower and 65 pound-feet of torque, all running through a five-speed gearbox. Of course, there are accessories—mini-apes, exhaust system, performance shocks. Optional wire wheels and Twenties-style solo saddle are particularly handsome bits. The Sixty is down 9ci on the big boy Scout, which uses a six-speed gearbox and has 100 hp on tap. But it’s also down on price, stickered at $8,999 versus $10,999. Because the first hit is cheap.


The coolest news, however, comes via postscript from Indian’s President, Steve Menneto.

“We are also excited to announce our return to flat-track racing,” he said. “With a sponsorship for the Hooligan class at the AMA Grand Finale (Superprestigio) in Las Vegas on November 21st, we will be debuting several Scout Sixty models customized by Roland Sands. Built specifically to race, these hooligans should put Indian Motorcycle back on the winner’s podium.”

We cannot wait.