TRA Kyoto’s Datsun 620 Is the Perfect Sequel to the ‘Fugu Z’

The Datsun 620 Pandem Wide Body injects muscle car flair to an old Japanese workhorse.

byDanny Choy| UPDATED Jul 26, 2017 6:59 PM
TRA Kyoto’s Datsun 620 Is the Perfect Sequel to the ‘Fugu Z’

For the tuner enthusiasts out there, TRA Kyoto of Rocket Bunny and Pandem need little introduction. For the rest of the readers, this Kyoto, Japan, based aero and body shop company is responsible for creating wide body kits for virtually every make and model under the sun, including the kit for  F&F

actor Sung Kang's "Fugu Z" Nissan 240Z. And just when we thought founder Kei Miura-san couldn't design any more kits, he surprised us with something really special – a wide body Datsun 620 pickup.

Miura-san dropped a couple dope renders over the weekend to show off his latest creation. At first glance, it's your standard wide body, and honestly rather tame for a product coming from Pandem. The body components include a front spook and a set of thin over fenders. The result is a rather tasteful improvement, giving the ol' 620 a hint of muscle car Americana. 

But of course, you'll notice Miura-san didn't stop there. The Datsun 620 Pandem wide body kit also includes a badass roll bar with an aluminum spoiler that mounts to the truck bed, a first for the company. The latest design from Pandem is unmistakably '70s-inspired. Personally, I'm a big fan of the extra aggressiveness, even if the truck's 110 horsepower from its stock L20B engine doesn't really warrant it.

Like all the past wide body kits TRA Kyoto introduced, the latest Datsun 620 Pandem wide body will no doubt generate a lot of split opinions. On face value, time has not been kind to the old Datsun 620 utilitarian workhorse and there are few left on the road. However, the 620s isn't considered rare either, and prices are rather cheap for curious JDM that want to take a chance on something out of the ordinary. In addition, KA24DE and SR20DET swaps for the 620 are well-documented.

What do you guys think about the new Datsun 620 Pandem? I, for one, am definitely excited to see one built in the future.