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2018 Nissan 370Z Remains at $29,990

The 2018 370Z's price remains the same, and there's still no word of the next Z car.

Despite being on the market since 2009, the Nissan 370Z is still the company’s only true sports car. However, the car has had few changes over the past eight years, and the price remains higher than most other vehicles in the same performance category. When you search “affordable Japanese sports coupe” on the internet, Nissan’s original Z Car shows up in almost every article, but the 240Z is now as expensive as the current generation Z. This likely means enthusiasts are yearning for the next generation of Z-car.

Nissan revealed more information about the newest iteration the 370Z which will go on sale later in 2017. The prices for the base 370Z Coupe and Roadster are taken from the 2017 model year and will start at $29,990 and $41,820 for the Roadster. However, customers can expect to spend $39,590 or $49,400 for a fully loaded Coupe or Roadster, respectively—that’s a lot of money. 

While the prices are high, Nissan promises new features and options for both 370Z variants. Major differences from the 2017 model include exterior styling changes, new exterior paint options, upgraded tune and clutch, and more speakers. The 370Z Coupe offers four different trim levels while the Roadster only offers three, but both cars can be had with either a seven-speed automatic or six-speed manual transmission. Also new for this year is the Heritage Edition package for the base 370Z, Nissan’s celebration of 50 years of Z cars. 

Nissan’s 370Z NISMO gets new features for this year too, as Nissan wants it to reflect its iconic GT-R as much as possible for a fourth of the price. Featuring GT-R-like aerodynamics, Dunlop high-performance tires, EXEDY clutch, and an 18-horsepower bump over the standard 370Z, the new 370Z NISMO Tech promises to simulate its bigger brother. The manual version will retail at $45,690 and its automatic twin will start at $47,090.

We hope that this is the last version the 370Z and that it goes out with a bang before the next Z Car is unveiled.