Nissan Showcases Special 2018 370Z and Other Historic Cars at Annual Z Convention

Could this be a hint at the next Z car?

byChris Constantine|
Nissan Showcases Special 2018 370Z and Other Historic Cars at Annual Z Convention


The Datsun 240Z is often hailed as the king of JDM in America, known for its Ferrari-inspired looks, impressive power balance, fair price, and huge fan club. Nissan attributes its initial success in the United States to this car, which was made for the American market but retained plenty of distinct Japanese characteristics. Since then, the original Z has spawned a huge lineup of legendary sports cars, most recently the 370Z. This year Nissan is celebrating the Z's 50th anniversary with the 370Z Heritage Edition package, although its actual 50th is in 2019. Maybe this early anniversary is a hint that a new Z might be coming on the car's actual semicentennial birthday.

The Z Car Club Association and Nissan are hosting the International Z Car Convention in Austin, Texas this week. The 30th Annual Z convention will feature everything from vintage Nissan race cars to SEMA-ready tuner cars and crazy concepts. This event is happening now and extends until June 26th, featuring lots to do and see for Z enthusiasts from across the globe.

Nissan is supplying four historic cars from its personal collection this year, letting fans experience some of the company's favorite vehicles up close. It will showcase a restored 1971 Datsun 240Z, Nissan 300ZX pace car, Prince R380 race car, and a 1999 Z Concept that eventually became the Nissan 350Z. 

Nissan will also put the 2018 370Z Heritage Edition on display, which was first unveiled at the New York Auto Show earlier this year. This car showcases the Heritage Edition package, which is an add-on for all 2018 370Zs. The package features slightly different headlights, upgraded clutch, and new paint options. The 2018 370Z will be on sale later this summer, and buyers can opt for the Heritage Edition colors and package when Nissan's latest sports car is available.