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Duramax Chevy Pickup Has Three Turbos, All of the Crazy

This ‘69 hot rod diesel C10 is street-legal. Also: faster than a McLaren P1.

Every truck has a story. Brett Deutsch’s 1969 Chevy C10 is no exception. The pickup was a gift from from his grandpa, given to him at the age of 15. Deutsch, now a diesel mechanic by trade, has spent more than half his life tinkering with the C10, tuning and painting and dropping in different small-block stroker motors. In 2009, he plucked a Duramax diesel engine from a workhorse bus and got to building. After trying several different setups, Deutsch decided to step up to the ProStreet class in NHRDA. The build: Danville Performance built bottom end, Rossler Turbo 400 transmission with a Neal Chance Racing torque converter. Oh, and a triple-turbo setup from Bullseye Power.


When all was said and done, he’d created an absolute monster, one capable of running an 8.81 quarter mile at 158 mph, enough to set a new ProStreet world record. He still had the itch to go faster. In this video, you can see Deutsch’s tweaked C10 running a 8.55 at 161.67mph. More, please.