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Yes, That’s a Penske NASCAR V8 in a Nissan Drift Car

Because Australia.

NASCAR is the motorsport of outlaws, good ol’ folks hammering down Copperhead road with a cargo of highly-flammable white lightning, revenooers in hot pursuit. What happens when you introduce that brand of big-cubic-inch rebellion to a former colony of ne’er-do-wells? Yee-haw.

See: Australian Drifting Grand Prix champ Rob Whyte, who strapped a Dodge Penske NASCAR V8 into his Nissan 370Z.

Christ on a kangaroo, is this thing deranged, just the kind of lunacy our antipodal friends do best. Australia, after all, is the country that invented the term ‘hoon.’ And hoon they will. Whyte slaughters all the rear tires to an incongruous, 820-horsepower American stock car soundtrack, a blend of the best parts of both countries’ lack of common sense and decency. Somewhere in a Scottish castle, the Queen rolls her eyes. Down under, they smile wide and just keep sliding.