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Meet the Camaro Family in This New Video

There's a Camaro for everyone.

In a new video from Chevy starring actors, not real people, we get a good look at the diversity of the brand’s iconic muscle car, the Camaro. We see four characters who appear to have quite different lines of work, all driving a Camaro that best suits them, showing they’re united by different versions of the same car.

The video is appropriately titled “Meet the Camaro Family.” It begins with the four characters doing their work, receiving a message on their phone, grabbing their keys, and going for a drive. Then we see four different Camaros, a V6-powered LT, an RS convertible, an SS, and a ZL1. These four cars are great examples of the different flavors of Camaro available from a fun drop-top to an insane track weapon and everything in between.

There’s no dialogue between the characters, but there’s a clear sense of camaraderie between them. While we see them drive their Camaros with lots of shifting and excellent revving noises, we see some of the cool features available like driving modes, a power-retractable top, and paddle shifters.

Eventually, the four Camaros meet up in a desert kicking up lots of dust on the way. After they park, the drivers get out and enthusiastically greet each other. Then, from out of nowhere, several other Camaros that must have caught wind of the gathering show up for a great big Camaro party.

The video closes with the line “answer the call,” followed by a fade-in of the Camaro logo. I must admit, it worked on me as it made me immediately head over to Chevrolet’s website to do some Camaro browsing. Thank you, Chevy, for the reminder that I still can’t afford a ZL1.