RML Group Creates the Only Road-Legal Aston Martin Vulcan

Check out what RML Group had to do to turn the one–of-24 Vulcan into one of one.

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The Aston Martin Vulcan is a V12 engined 800-horsepower one-of-24 track weapon. The Vulcan not only is unique because it's so rare, It's also can't be driven on the road. That was until the RML Group created the only road-legal Aston Martin Vulcan in the world.

United Kingdom-based shop RML Group recently showed the YouTube channel Lovecars what changes had to be made to the Vulcan to be road regulation compliant. 

Not only was the Vulcan changed to be road compliant, but RML Group performed the changes as sublite as possible. The car is still very much a Vulcan. 

One of the more noticeable features of the Vulcan is its rear light. Each rear light is composed of multiple LED light bars, but to give in to road regulations RML Group had to put a clear cover over the normally open lights. 

Along with the rear lights, headlights were added. I cannot imagine the nerves on the engineer who had to cut into a one-of-24 car hood. The large front splitter was also changed by RML Group molding its own from carbon fiber. 

A few other notable changes:

  • Engine remapped for emissions along with a fast idle
  • Catalytic converters and exhaust added
  • Gear ratios changed along with a changed clutch pack
  • Suspension changed for better road compliance, changed spring rates and damping rates 
  • Added Aston Martin DB11 mirrors
  • All of the windows were replaced
  • Turn indicators in the rear spoiler

To get more of the details on what changes were performed on the Vulcan, check out Lovecars video below.

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