This ‘Cheapkhana’ Video Is Ken Block’s Gymkhana with an Old 60-HP Ford Fiesta

One twentieth the power, twenty times the fun.

As long as Ken Block has been shredding tires in his Gymkhana video series, aspiring stuntmen have been making hilarious, low-budget parodies of his smokey, drift-filled ballet. You may not have access to his bonkers all-wheel-drive Hoonicorn Mustang, but as it turns out, you can still put on a good show with a fraction of the power—and money.

In a new entry to the genre cleverly titled CHEAPKHANA, Etienne Guerra takes to an abandoned industrial area in a 60-horsepower 1994 Ford Fiesta—you know, the kind they made before the Fiesta ST gave hot hatches a new life in the United States. Though it’s about a million miles from the purpose-built, 1,400 horsepower Hoonicorn V2, the attention to detail on the livery is just perfect. Blue wheels, Monster and Hoonigan logos, and an extended handbrake grip all make the little front-wheel-drive econobox look right at home as Guerra drifts through warehouses and abandoned lots.

There are plenty of other aspects that elevate this parody. Guerra’s deadpan expression matches Block’s demeanor perfectly, the editing style is almost identical, and the engine-only soundtrack completes the package. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this isn’t even Guerra’s first crack at a Gymkhana send-up: He previously tackled a similar-looking course over six years ago in a 1986 Ford Fiesta that he claims was “found in a shed.”

All right, so the stunts aren’t quite as impressive as the real thing. But you can’t deny that little pokey four-cylinder engine sounds like it’s having the time of its life revving to the heavens. Also, it’s quite easy to live up to the video’s “Hoon responsibly” tagline when your car can’t crack 60 mph.