Ken Block’s Official Gymkhana Ten Trailer Is Out, and It Looks Insane

Five locations, five vehicles, and countless tires.

byMax Goldberg|
Ken Block&#8217;s Official <em>Gymkhana Ten</em> Trailer Is Out, and It Looks Insane

All of Ken Block's now-famous Gymkhana videos have bee, absolutely insane, with each one outdoing the ones before. Block apparently has no fear, pushing every vehicle he drives to the extreme edge, walking (or rather, sliding) the line between skill and insanity. 

For the 10th installment of the series, however, it seems the world-famous driver knew he need to take things up to the next level. Rather than doing the same old "boring" video of shredding tires at near-triple-digit speeds through urban areas, Ken Block and the Hoonigan team have opted to step things up a notch...or ten. According to a new trailer released by Block on Thursday, Gymkhana Ten will feature five different vehicles (including the latest version of the all-wheel-drive 1965 Mustang known as the "Hoonicorn") in five very unique locations, one of which being Detroit.

The high-octane trailer clearly shows a lot of questionable risk taking, fascinating commentary, and true automotive entertainment, as Block takes vehicles far beyond what we knew was possible. Be on the lookout for the full Gymkhana Ten release some time in December.