Watch This 940 HP Volkswagen Golf Casually Hit 191 Miles Per Hour

This might be the most anti-climactic half-mile we’ve ever seen, but we aren’t complaining.

byChris Constantine|
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Boba Motoring's build philosophy has always been "let's throw two turbochargers, all-wheel drive, and about 1,100 horsepower into an old Golf," and it works. They look positively terrifying to drive, but Boba's demonic hatchbacks are built to hang with the hypercars on the dragstrip with ridiculous quarter-mile times.

This Mk1 Golf is no different, and Boba Motoring dragged it to strip to test it out. The Boba Golf has a rocky start followed by an underwhelming launch, but second gear is where the fun begins. You can tell exactly when boost comes on as the larger turbocharger spools, rocketing the car up to 308 KPH (191 miles per hour) in 18 seconds. Once the car hits 60, it takes just 3.3 seconds to double its speed to 124 mph.

The tuning company won't say exactly how many horses its latest build makes, only hinting that it makes more than 1,000 horsepower from the Golf's 2.0-liter, 16V 4-cylinder. This is all thanks to two turbos and a clever ECU tune, paired with 4Motion all-wheel-drive to handle the insane power output.

What's more is that the car was de-tuned to "just" 940 horsepower for this run, so we can only imagine what its time would be if rain didn't kill its plans for a second try at full power.

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