Ferrari 488 GTB Vs. Ferrari F12berlinetta Drag Race Is Shockingly Close

It’s turbocharged V8 versus high-revving V12 in a battle of sprinting horses.

byWill Sabel Courtney|
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Thanks to the bucking bronco at the center of the company's logo, Ferrari's supercars take on their fair share of equine associations. In spite of this, however, they're rarely considered quarter horses. Ferraris may be renowned for their performance, but the quarter-mile drag race is far too proletarian, way too plebeian, just too...Dodge...for Maranello's stallions to lower themselves to its level—at least, in terms of quoted factory performance figures. 

Once those F-cars are out in their owners' hands, however...well, those Richie Riches behind the wheel are free to do whatever the hell they like. Including run them in drag races...even against other Ferraris. Because here's the thing about pitting two of Maranello's supercars against one another: One way or another, a Ferrari is gonna lose. 

And as it turns out, racing a Ferrari 488 GTB against an F12berlinetta makes for a closer race than the dearly-departed Enzo might like. After all, in the Ferrari hierarchy, eight-cylinder cars play second fiddle to ones powered by the mighty V12. Even with its more advantageous mid-engined layout pushing the center of mass closer to the drive wheels, the 661-horsepower 488 shouldn't be able to beat the 720-hp F12. It'd be against the natural order of things...right?

Well, a couple of Ferrari owners brought their supercars to the Dragtimes drag strip to find out once and for all how the battle of turbocharged V8-versus-naturally-aspirated-V12 would settle out in the real world. The F12berlinetta grabbed an early lead out of the blocks, but the 488 quickly closed the gap—leading to a nail-biter of a race all the way to the finish line.

So who's the faster Ferrari out of these two ponies? Hey, we're not gonna give it away. Watch for yourself. 

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