John Cena Loves the Gated Manual Transmission in His 2007 Ferrari F430 Spider

When he's not in the ring, Cena's nerding out over his supercars.

It’s no secret now that John Cena is a huge car guy, as his Auto Geek series on The Bella Twins YouTube channel has grown immensely the past few months. Although he mostly reviews flashy supercars from his impressive collection like the Ford GT, his true passion for cars shines brightly throughout each video. Cena’s latest episode walks us through his manual Ferrari F430 Spider, a car whose gated stick shift is near and dear to his heart.

He starts off explaining the differences between this car and the Ferrari 360, noting the inspirations and features the F430 took from cars like the Ferrari Enzo and Testarossa. Powered by a 4.3-liter V8 making 483 horsepower and styled by Pininfarina, this Ferrari’s performance and design are pretty timeless. Of course, the real reason John Cena adores this car isn’t so much the performance but what’s inside the cabin – specifically the signature 6-speed gated manual transmission

Unfortunately, Mr. Cena is wrong about this, as the last production Ferrari with a manual was the California, but we don’t have the heart to tell him. As demand for manual supercars continues to decline, celebrities who buy new supercars are more likely to find a dual-clutch transmission in their exotic cars rather than an old-school stick. The fact that some famous car enthusiasts still covet the manual is music to our ears. 

Is John Cena the next Jay Leno? Maybe, maybe not, but we should welcome his petrolhead enthusiasm regardless.