John Cena Wants to Tell You About His 2006 Ford GT

John Cena shows off his automotive knowledge in his latest car profile video.

byChris Constantine|
John Cena Wants to Tell You About His 2006 Ford GT

It's always fun for car enthusiasts when a celebrity comes out as a gearhead, and the most recent star to call himself a car nut is no different. One of the latest videos by The Bella Twins features WWE champion and actor John Cena, who wants us to know that when he's not beating up his opponents in the ring, he's punching through gears in his 2006 Ford GT. This isn't our first glimpse into the star's love of all things fast and loud, as he's done videos on a couple of his cars including his partner's Bentley Continental GT Supersports and his Rolls Royce Phantom; he also caught the car world's attention when he participated as the pace driver at the Daytona 500 last year.

It's no surprise that someone as American as this guy owns a car as American as this.

Cena says that he's owned his GT since it was brand new, but hasn't even put 1300 miles on the car. Before you judge, try balancing life as a professional wrestler, actor, and TV show host and then see how much time you have left to go for a cruise in your stripped-down supercar. Despite this, Cena still seems to know his stuff, and highlights the history and performance specs of the vehicle in a way that even the most anti-car person can understand. He also takes his car for a spin to show us how fast and fun the car is to drive, but he makes sure to show the audience how easy the car is to control for a manual V8 supercar. 

The wrestler is excited to show us the rest of his collection, giving us a sneak peak at what's coming next—spoiler alert, it looks like a Mercedes SLR McLaren under that tarp. He may have been a huge star long before he started talking about his cars, but in the automotive world, it appears he's just getting started.