Watch a Utility Pole Shoot Fireballs After a Minivan Crashes Into it

Yeah, that doesn't look safe. 


A utility pole in Ontario, Canada began spewing bright blue fireballs across the wires that it was connected to after it was struck by a minivan. From our point of view, it looks like something straight from hell.  

In the video, uploaded to YouTube on June 26, we can see two smashed-up minivans, some cops standing around, a handful of cones standing on a street, and a nearly-toppled utility pole that's shooting off fireballs as it manages to hang on by a few wires. The incident occurred on June 24 in London, Ontario. 

"I was driving down Wellington road in London and witnessed the van take out the hydro pole," the YouTube description said. "About 30 mins later this happened."

This whole scene just looks like it was pulled from some sort of other-worldly dystopia. The clouds in the sky are almost completely black and the pole looks like it turned into some sort of fire-breathing, electronic demon. 

It's not great.