Watch This 650-HP Evo-Powered Ford Fiesta Climb a Hill Like It’s its Job

And just look at that front-mounted intercooler.

There’s just something about hill climb cars that gets us going. They’re not normal road race cars and they’re usually slightly different from stage rally cars—they’re hill climb cars, unafraid to tackle any steep grade that may ascend in its path. Just take this 650-horsepower, Mitsubishi Evo-powered Ford Fiesta for example. This thing just can’t stop climbing hills. 

This car, driven by Marek Rybníček for the Liqui Moly Racing Team, was set up to run the European hill climb competition, according to the folks atEngine Car Swaps. In addition to packing a monster 650 HP, the car has more than 590 foot-pounds of torque (converted from 800Nm) and weighs just 2100 lbs (converted from 950kg).

In the videos below, you can see just how aggressive this build is and how capable it is of going up hills. 

Oh, and speaking of hill climbs.If we seem a bit excited, that’s because this weekend is thePikes Peak International Hill Climb.The Drive will be on the ground in Colorado to bring you coverage direct from the mountain. So stay tuned.