Watch This Wild Road Rage Incident Cause a Massive Crash

The only injured party was the man driving the Cadillac Escalade EXT

byMax Goldberg|
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Road rage seems to be an ever-growing issue in America and any act of it is completely unacceptable. In the video below, we see a Nissan Sentra and Harley Davidson traveling down Southern California's 14 Freeway Wednesday morning in the high occupancy lane when a biker kicks the door of the Sentra and the Sentra quickly jerks the wheel to the right. From then on, all hell breaks loose.

The Sentra then loses control and sends the driver into a blender of overcorrection after overcorrection. Then, the Sentra strikes the jersey barrier, bursts into flames, reenters the main portion of the highway and hits the back left corner panel of an Cadillac Escalade EXT. Due to the high center of gravity of the Escalade, the luxury pickup flips onto its roof and slides down the highway. Successfully avoiding the carnage, the Harley-Davidson hightails it out of there (fleeing the scene) and two cars are left in complete shambles.

According to the people filming, the road rage began when the Nissan Sentra cut off the motorcyclist—it was at that point they began filming. The Escalade driver had to be transported to the hospital due to injuries sustained during the crash, according to CBS Los Angeles. CHP is seeking further information on the incident as well as the identity of the motorcyclist.