Listen to a $1.9 Million Lamborghini Centenario Rev Off Against a Shelby GT350R

These two might be worlds apart price wise, but damn, do both of them sound good.

byAaron Brown|
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For some people, the sound of a modified $63,000 Ford Shelby GT350R makes their ears perk up in joy. For others, something more along the lines of a $1.9 million Lamborghini Centenario does the trick. Watch the video below to see which side you fall on. 

The video, uploaded to YouTube Monday, shows a GT350R Mustang with more than 700 horsepower revving its V8 heart out at a V-12-engined, 770-hp Centenario at the CF Charities Supercar Weekend event. Both cars are wild in their own regards, and damn, do they both sound good. 

To our trained ears, the GT350R sounds like some sort of angry land animal, while the Centenario comes across as a lawnmower-powered popcorn machine. Surprisingly, both of those sounds make for very good automotive exhaust notes. 

What this video doesn't show, unfortunately, is these two cars dueling it out on an actual race track. Exhaust sounds are neat and all, but something about a Lamborghini going against one America's best muscle cars on a track sounds extremely pleasing.

What do you guys think?

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