Chevrolet Releases Final Video of the Colorado ZR2’s Rock Crawling Tests

Needless to say, Chevy is very confident in the truck’s capabilities.

byMax Goldberg|
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Hang on, gang—it's time for the third and final installment of the official Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 testing videos. As you can probably tell by now, Chevy has put a lot of time and effort behind the all-new Colorado ZR2. The brand has selected Multimatic DSSV dampers for its suspension setup, drastically modified the front and rear bumpers for improved departure and approach angles, and has even added frame-mounted rockers. All of these goodies have set up the ZR2 nicely for off-roading.

So far, we have seen the ZR2 conquer the dunes, navigate tight trails and now negotiate rock features. From what we can see in the videos, the small stature of the ZR2 coupled with its 2-inch lift and 3.5-inch track widening allows the truck easily navigate otherwise treacherous terrain. The video below shows the ZR2 confidently navigating the Rubicon Trail in California. The Colorado ZR2's improved suspension travel and ground clearance allows the truck to hop over boulders, and the skid plating and rockers quickly brush off any contact the truck encounters. 

As mentioned in the previous two posts, the Colorado also comes with front and rear locking differentials. This allows owners to quickly adjust the way power is delivered, to ensure it is sent to the the desired wheels. 

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