Porsche 935 Turbo and Vintage Transporter: The Perfect Gentleman’s Accessory

Somebody, please fetch them for us.

byDavid Traver Adolphus|
History photo


Hello, I’m David Traver Adolphus, Duke of Starnesville. Glad you could join me. Last night, as I was enjoying Á rebours by the fire, watching the servants feed leftover champagne to the dogs, it occurred to me: I should have a racing team. Wouldn’t that be delightful? I can just see me, effortlessly galavanting around a racetrack, Cohiba Esplendido clenched in my teeth, silk scarf streaming behind, as I claim my rightful place atop the winner stair thingy. Ah, “podium.” That’s it.

But it would have to be a proper race team. I’ll call it...The Horse’s Pajamas, after my filly Gracious Star Amontillado Windblown’s new evening wear. With a thoroughbred name, The Horse’s Pajamas cannot be seen driving a gauche car of some sort. No, I think we shall be driving a Porsche automobile, and I understand there will be some sold in Berlin next month.

Thank you, Reginald. Reginald informs me that one could collect a Porsche 935 Turbo and a delightful Magirus transporter as a single lot at this Berlin auction. Very stylish, but Reginald, wouldn’t the transporter be frightfully uncomfortable? It is rather...old, isn’t it? Oh I see, it appears to have been modernized. Excellent. Fuel up the Super 700 and pack some monies. That’s all settled.

Oh, and schedule a race for the following weekend, too. Let’s bring Gracious Star. Matching outfits for all.

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