Was Graham Hill’s Mustache the Secret to His F1 Glory?

Chris Cantle tests his lap times with, and without F1 great Graham Hill’s iconic mustache.

byChris Cantle|

Graham Hill was astonishing at 33. He'd already seen everything. The war. And the war on life that was the golden era of road racing. He'd only passed his driver's license test at 24, but just nine years later notched his first world championship. He'd fathered two daughters and a son, Damon, who himself went on to become an F1 champion. You might say that he was just getting started.

Hill would go on to win another F1 championship. He won Le Mans, too. Learned to fly airplanes. He was charming, determined, easy and charismatic at once. Distinctive, and brilliantly mustachioed. Easy to hero-worship, and I do.

Graham Hill's face told you everything you ever needed to know about the man. A little weary, a little tired, but always humorous. At 33 myself, and also of English stock, we share a vague resemblance. Hill looks older, with deep lines around his eyes from smiling, and squinting into the sun. We share a nose, but he had more hair. He also had more balls, and more F1 championships.

It's obvious that I have some catching up to do if I'm going to hit my stride at 33. I need professional help. And I need one hell of a mustache.