Best Motorcycle LED Light Kits: Stand Out From the Crowd

Make your motorcycle glow in colored light with a custom LED light kit

byAndra DelMonico, Daniel Rika|
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BYAndra DelMonico, Daniel Rika/ February 16, 2020

What if you could make your motorcycle safe and cool-looking at the same time? Custom LEDs can give you a custom look while also making your bike more visible. Install an LED kit and have a wash of light glow and reflect off the surfaces of your motorcycle.

As long as it’s legal in your state, you can turn them on when you ride at night. The more light you have, the more likely other drivers will see you. This will make night riding safer. Here are several motorcycle LED light kits to consider.

Best Overall
14 Pod 12 Strip XKchrome Motorcycle LED Accent Light Kit

14 Pod 12 Strip XKchrome Motorcycle LED Accent Light Kit


Install this LED light kit and control them from your smartphone with the integrated app. This set includes 14 pods and 12 flexible strips. There’s dual-zone control, music sync, and 16 million color possibilities.


No matter what color you have the lights programmed to, they will all turn to bright red when you hit the brakes. This is important for legality and safety. The pods and strips give you control over the lighting arrangement.


This set is complicated to install, so you should have some experience before you get started. You may also have some trouble getting them to work after installation.

Best Value

AMBOTHER 12-pc Motorcycle LED Light Kit


Choose from 16 static colors, two cycle modes, three flashing modes, and one fading mode. There are 12 LED strips in the kit. It also comes with a remote, key fob, and app for controlling the lights.

This set is easy to install and mount on your bike thanks to the light’s flexible design and super sticky backing. The entire system is waterproof, so you can use them in heavy rain.
This product doesn’t have the quality of manufacturing that other kits have. This may lead to it not lasting as long. The fuse will blow easily and need replacing.

Honorable Mention

LEDGlow 10pc LED Motorcycle Accent Underglow Light Kit


There are eight LED light strips in this kit: two 5-inch, four 7-inch, two 9-inch, and two 11-inch. There are 15 solid color modes, three flashing modes, two color cycle modes, and one fading mode. There are 102 ultra-bright RGB LEDs for crisp and vibrant light.

This kit comes with everything you need, including the wiring. The kit is preprogrammed, and all you need is the four-button remote to work the lights.
This kit doesn’t have app control capability. There is also no brake light override function. While the LED strips are waterproof, the control box isn’t.


  • Before you buy any lighting kit for your motorcycle, you should check your state’s DOT laws. This will tell you what lights you’re legally allowed to have on your bike. If you’re not allowed to have certain lights, you can still install them, but you cannot use them while riding. 
  • Pay attention to how many light strips or pods the kit comes with. You need to have enough to create a complete lighting design. You don’t want awkward dark spots or overly bright spots. 
  • Look at the color options available with the kit. Some have preset options that will only give you a limited number of options. Other kits let you create a custom color, which could be an infinite number of options. More isn’t necessarily better. If the limited option kit has the color you want, then that’s all you need. 


Q: Do I have to use LED bulbs? 

A: You don’t have to, but why would you use anything else? LEDs are the smartest option because they have a low power draw, a long lifespan, and won’t dim as they age. Not all LEDs are created equal. Make sure the kit you have isn’t painful for other drivers to view at night while on the road. 

Q: Does the number of lights matter?

A: In this case, you need to find a kit that has the right number of lights for your bike. If there are not enough lights, then your bike won’t glow the way you want. Too many lights and you’ll wash out the details you’re trying to highlight. Put your bike in a dark garage and place your lights before you install them to ensure you have enough. 

Q: How do they install?

A: LED light strips use an adhesive on the back of them to stick to your motorcycle. Cheaper quality kits won’t have enough adhesiveness to stay stuck. When the adhesive gives out, the light strips will peel off of your bike. Any kit that uses genuine 3M adhesive is a kit that should stay stuck. 

Final Thoughts

The 14 Pod 12 Strip XKchrome Motorcycle LED Accent Light Kit will give you control over the lighting effect and a quality amount of light. 

The AMBOTHER 12-pc Motorcycle LED Light Kit is a decent quality kit at an affordable price.

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