Tiger Project: A Motorcycle Tweak for Tall People

Sometimes you need a little extra reach.

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Adventure motorcycles make for excellent touring bikes, but they are designed to tackle off-road sections when the pavement ends. Depending on your physical stature, you may need to make ergonomic changes to the bike to better suit challenging terrain. One solution for tall riders is to get the handlebars up a little higher. Risers can encourage better riding posture when standing up on the foot pegs, alleviate back pain, and enable more leverage and control over the bike. 

There are numerous handlebar riser options but one versatile option which utilizes the stock handlebar clamps are Rox Risers. Machined from aluminum, the Rox Risers are adjustable for rise and pull back depending on the riding style you engage in the most. Pull the controls back for a more relaxed riding position. Raise them up for more leverage and control when standing. Perfection.   

For the Tiger Project, I opted for a set of two-inch Rox Risers so I would not have to worry about replacing all my stock clutch, brake, and electronics cables. I was confident that a two-inch rise would be more than adequate for my style of riding.   

Sam Bendall

Installation required removing the bolts and top clamp that hold the handlebar. Be sure to lay down a couple towels to protect your bike and simply rest the handlebars and controls between the triple tree and the windscreen. 

Sam Bendall

I have even seen people in garages attach bungee cords to the ceiling and suspend the handlebars above the bike. Once the handlebars are removed the Rox Risers install into the original clamps. Tightening down the original clamp with the risers in place take some finessing, but it’s doable. 

Sam Bendall

A little bit goes a long way after taking about 25 minutes to install and riding around the block a couple times. The bars being up two additional inches is far more comfortable to ride, especially when in a standing position. I already feel more confident. Hitting the twisties, on the other hand, has taken a little adaptation. The Tiger is an ultra-capable and fun canyon carver but with bars slightly higher up, getting into a lean and positioning my body varies from the original bar placement. But it’s not something that cannot be overcome.     

If Rox Risers sound like an add-on you would like on your adventure bike, you can purchase them here for about $87. Be sure to check the diameter of your handlebars to ensure a proper fitment.