Best ATV Grips: Improve Your Hold and Control

These high-quality ATV grips will improve your riding experience

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BYLinsay Thomas, Scott Roepel/ LAST UPDATED ON July 7, 2021

ATV riders need the ability to hold onto the handlebars through any type of terrain. Whether you’re racing, trail riding, or just cruising around, a tight and firm grip keeps you planted on the seat. New ATV grips is a great way to ensure you stay on the vehicle and have full control during any ride. Here are the best ATV grips to consider if you’re looking to upgrade.

Best Overall

Odi Rogue ATV Lock-On Grips


These feature raised pads for an improved and more comfortable grip. The large raised tread allows for better shock absorption for bumps and rocky terrain.

  • Deep rubber grooves prevent dirt and debris from building up under your fingers
  • The grips are developed with a non-slip additive and are easy to install
  • The rubber may peel easily in rough conditions
  • The lock rings may also be a little too thick and may not completely clamp to the outer bar
Best Value

Scott Sports Black Radial Full Waffle ATV Grips


The grips are made with a soft yet dense rubber material for a more firm grasp. They help to repel water and dirt.

  • The waffle design helps to prevent arm pump and fatigue and also reduces vibrations in your hand 
  • They are also versatile and can be used on jet skis
  • You will need grip glue to secure them properly to the handlebars
  • You need to take your time when putting them on to avoid ripping them
  • Also, they can be flimsy and can tear or rip
Honorable Mention

Oury ATV Grips


These grips feature a large padded tread design for improved traction and a tight grasp. Each one is also built for comfort and is soft to avoid hurting your hands.

  • The grips come in a variety of colors to mix and match or pair with your ATV or helmet color
  • Plus, the thread is good at preventing rocks and dirt from piling up beneath your fingers.
  • They can be a bit too long for some model ATVs and leave a small amount of the grip sticking out from the handlebars
  • They also may require some force to get them on the handlebars

Best ATV Grips Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Get more comfortable while riding your ATV with a pair of Odi Rogue ATV Lock-On Grips. These great grips offer a combination of comfort and shock absorption, helping to cushion your hands and the impact of bumps, rocks, and other rough terrain. Each pair of grips is part of Odi’s own Lock-On Grip System, which makes them easy to install and secure once in place. Once you have these no-hassle grips in place, you’ll enjoy 100 percent slip-free performance so you always have a strong hold over all kinds of roads. A large raised tread pattern enhances your grip whether you’re using bare hands or wearing gloves. And with that tread plus enhanced cushioning, you’ll never feel what’s happening under your wheels. Just keep in mind that the 130 millimeter length of these grips can be a bit too long for some ATV models.

The Scott Sports Black Radial Full Waffle ATV Grips aren’t just sleek and comfortable; they’re also impressively affordable. You can upgrade your grips easily with this product, improve your comfort, and enjoy increased grip, all without making a significant financial investment. Made with soft, single density to reduce vibrations, arm pump, and fatigue, the full waffle texture across each grip ensures your hands stay in place. You’ll get a nice, dependable grip even over the roughest, most unpredictable terrain. Sized to fit any pair of ⅞-inch handlebars, they’ll also fit ATV thumb throttles without a flange. There’s just one drawback to these affordably priced grips: they can be a bit stubborn during the installation process, and you’ll likely find that you need extra tools or special techniques like adding grip glue, hairspray, or other additives to get them properly in place.

If cushioning and comfort are the two factors at the top of your list when choosing a set of grips, Oury ATV Grips offer everything you seek. These extra-padded, extra-cushioned grips are designed to provide you with extremely soft grip so you have top-tier control and complete comfort no matter where you’re riding. They’re so well-padded that they genuinely feel plush underneath your hands, and they’re thicker than most competing grips. Whether you’re speeding or traversing challenging terrain, these grips will keep your hands padded and protected against vibrations, roughness, and more. Made for 7/8-inch handlebars and built with a small flange, these ATV grips will work with most ATVs that feature a thumb throttle. Each individual grip measures 5 inches long and 4.5 inches in circumference, weighing just 5 ounces total. During your first uses, however, you might find that these grips cause blisters as you break them in.

The Copart Hand Grips for ATV are meant to fit a wide variety of different vehicles, from ATVs to dirt bikes and more. These highly versatile and universally fitted grips, which are made out of tough TPU rubber, are designed to reduce fatigue while you ride with good shock absorption and lasting comfort. This pair of ⅞-inch grips are single-density, and though they’re firm and a bit hard, they offer enough cushioning thanks to their rubber construction to reduce the vibrations you feel, limit arm pump, and reduce fatigue after every ride. The exterior of the grips features a full waffle design, which adds texture and keeps your hands securely in place over bumps, hills, and more. It’s important to note that one of the two grips in each set is slightly bigger and wider, which can make installation easier for one and a bit more challenging for the other. 


  • You should always wear gloves when riding an ATV to improve the amount of grip on the handlebars. They also help to keep your fingers and hands safe.
  • Try not to leave the ATV grips out in extreme heat for long periods of time. The heat may cause the grips to melt or wear down. Consider parking the ATV in the shade when it’s not in use.
  • Many ATV grips come with open sides that can fill with dust and dirt and over time tear them from the inside. You can get end caps to pop onto the grips to prevent this from happening.


Q: How do I install ATV grips?

A: They should slide onto the handlebars without much issue. Remove the old grips by either cutting or sliding them off, and then replace them with the new ones. You may need to spray the inside of the new grips with a slick solution to get them to slide on more easily.

Q: How can I tell if ATV grips will fit my specific ATV?

A: ATV grips come in different sizes to fit different handlebars. Consult the ATV owner’s manual to see how long the stock grips are and compare them to the new grips.

Q: How do I prevent the grips from turning?

A: To ensure the grips hold tightly and securely to the handlebars, use grip glue or another type of adhesive designed for ATV grips.

Final Thoughts

For a sturdy and firm grasp on your ATV, consider the comfortable Odi Rogue ATV Lock-On Grips

Also, the Scott Sports Black Radial Full Waffle ATV Grips offer an excellent grip at a cheaper price.

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