It Looks Like KTM is Working on an Electric Duke

Spy shots reveal a future entry in the electric street bike market.

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Based on some new spy shots, it looks like KTM could be the next entry in electric street bikes. What appears to be a KTM 390 Duke with an awkward looking electric battery and motor was spotted in the development department of KTM’s Austrian headquarters.

KTM is no stranger to electric bikes. They already have a small range of what they call E-Ride bikes. This lineup consists of three dirt bikes based on their Freeride models. This new future model would be their first roadworthy electric motorcycle.

When you think of an electric vehicle with two wheels, you probably think of a scooter, and rightfully so. Until recently, a long commute or a lap around a racetrack on a zero-emissions bike was unheard of. Much like electric cars, electric motorcycles are slowly becoming less of an upper-class novelty and turning into something more realistic for the average motorist. Prices are going town, ranges are getting longer, and they’re looking more like normal bikes.

One curious aspect about the possible electric Duke that was spotted is the transmission. It looks like it has a traditional transmission with the clutch and shift levers in their proper places. The only ones who have tried this previously was Brammo and Victory. Brammo was bought by Polaris, absorbed into Victory, and now the brand is dead.

The KTM 390 Duke could be an excellent platform for an electric bike. It’s more of an urban bike than it is a cross-country tourer making it a good motorcycle to work within the limitations of electric power. We don’t know anything about the range or pricing yet, but it will have to be around 100 miles and it should start around $10k if it’s going to be competitive with the all-electric brand Zero Motorcycles.