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Best Snow Blowers: Quickly Clear the Path

Get rid of snow without breaking your back with these sturdy and powerful snow blowers

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BYScott Roepel/ LAST UPDATED ON August 21, 2020

Snow can be a wonderful thing, but it can also be quite a hassle. It blankets roads and driveways, making driving and walking difficult and dangerous. Clearing it away with a snow shovel can take a while and is exhausting, but using a snowblower can be quite entertaining. They rapidly collect and remove snow. Here are a few of the best snow blowers for clearing your or your neighbor’s driveway in no time.

Best Overall

Poulan Pro PR241, 24 in. 208cc LCT Two-Stage Electric Start Snow Blower

Powered by a 208cc engine, this snowblower clears a 24-inch path. It has an electric start. It uses a two-stage process to clear snow that’s up to a height of 23 inches.
The control panel is redesigned and easy to use. The handle height is adjustable for the most comfort while using it. The power steering makes it easy to control.
This snowblower can feel large and bulky in size. It also requires assembly, which is difficult. The electric start can be unreliable.
Best Value

Briggs & Stratton Single Stage Snow Blower

It includes a large 208cc motor, handle-mounted chute control, and a quick-adjust deflector.
The wear-resistant, rubber-edged augers clear a path 22-inches wide. Two large wheels provide extended mobility.
Assembly instructions can be difficult to understand. The wheels aren’t robust, but the self-propelled blower helps move them along.
Honorable Mention

Husqvarna Two-Stage Electric Start Snow Blower

It’s powered by a 208cc motor with 9.5 pounds of torque. Has two large, beefy 15-inch rubber wheels to roll over wet snow. Serrated-edged augers grind snow down and send it through a powerful impeller.
It includes two bright LED lights for greater visibility at night, an adjustable handlebar, a friction disc transmission for easy speed changes, and reversible skid shoes to extend their life. Clears a 24-inch path.
It can be a little on the loud side. First gear can be a little quick at first, so be prepared. The reverse gear is slow.
Best Snow Blowers: Quickly Clear the Path

Benefits of Snow Blowers

  • Faster. When you use a snow blower, you can clear snow-covered areas much faster than if you did it by hand with a shovel. This lets you clear larger areas and deeper snow in less time.
  • Less physical effort. Getting rid of snow by hand with a shovel requires a considerable amount of effort. A snow blower eliminates it because all you have to do is walk behind it and maneuver it into place. This reduces the stress on your arms, back, and legs. 
  • Increased safety. You can clear more areas and do a better job at clearing the area with a snow blower. This makes walking around on the snow cleared surfaces safer. 

Types of Snow Blowers

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If you only have a small area to clear, then an electric snow blower will work just fine. They tend to fail on larger properties because you need to have a cord long enough to keep them plugged in during use. They also work well for light to medium snowfalls on smooth or paved surfaces. 

What’s nice about these snow blowers is that they require minimal maintenance. They also are lighter, easier to move, and quieter than gas models. Since they don’t require oil changes or fuel, they are cheaper to operate. If you have a small patio or short sidewalk that needs clearing, this type is ideal. 


These snow blowers require gasoline to run. You’ll find them in single-, two-, and three-stage models. They also come in a wide variety of widths. They tend to be heavier than comparable electric models because they have all of the typical gas-powered engine components. This means they also require a lot more maintenance to keep all of those parts in running order. 

You may find the larger gas-powered models to be hard to maneuver due to their weight and bulk. They also tend to be noticeably louder than the other two types. However, they also provide the greatest amount of power to clear compacted or deep snow. 

Battery or Cordless 

These snow blowers operate with the use of a high voltage battery to provide power. They come in a variety of widths and stages. This makes them ideal for use on light, moderate, and heavy snow. You’ll find them to be heavier than the corded but lighter than the gas-powered blowers. 

These models tend to cost less than the other types of snow blowers, so they’re good for someone who’s on a tight budget. They also come with the added benefit of never worrying about running over the cord and don’t require the maintenance that you’d have to do with a gas-powered model. 

Top Brands


Founded in Sweden in 1689, the Husqvarna name is known worldwide as a leading manufacturer of outdoor power equipment. They produce reliable, durable, and high quality machinery. Their product line includes mowers, trimmers, chainsaws, motorcycles, tractors, brush cutters, and cultivators. The Husqvarna 27 in. Two-Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Blower with Power Steering is a high-quality blower that can power through deep snow. 

Briggs & Stratton

Founded in 1908 with headquarters in Wisconsin, Briggs & Stratton manufactures gasoline engines and equipment. The company has expanded to worldwide distribution of outdoor powered and light commercial equipment. The Briggs & Stratton Single Stage Snow Thrower with Snow Shredder Technology and Electric Start is a high-quality piece of machinery that’s easy to use. 

Snow Joe

Founded in 2004, the Snow Joe brand is known for producing affordable and easy to use snow removal equipment. What started with their first product, the electric snow shovel, has grown to an extensive line of products. The Snow Joe Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower is a decently sized and affordable machine. 

Snow Blowers Pricing

  • Under $200: The blowers that are in this price range are on the small end. They’re best for single-car driveways, small patios, and sidewalks.
  • $200 to $500: The bulk of snow blowers fall in this price range. They are electric, gas, and battery-powered. They’re typically capable of clearing a two-car driveway and sidewalks, which makes them perfect for most homeowners. 
  • $500 and up: These are the largest snow blowers. You’ll find that most of them are gas-powered. They’re good for large properties with long driveways and extensive areas that need clearing.

Key Features


Blowers come in one, two, and three stages. All three types use an auger that rotates to pull the snow off of the ground. Then the snow gets expelled out of the chute. A single-stage blower has a corkscrew device as the only moving part. A two-stage blower has the turning corkscrew and an impeller to help break up the snow and force it out of the chute faster and further. A three stage blower adds an accelerator to the process to make these blowers the most efficient. 

Power Source 

There are three types of power sources to choose from. There are gas, electric, and battery-powered snow blowers. The majority of models are gas-powered. These machines are loud, require regular maintenance, and need fuel. But they’re the most powerful and effective at clearing snow. 

Corded machines can be hooked up to an extension cord and can give you a usable range of about 100 feet. They won’t perform as well as gas machines, and you’ll have a cord to contend with. 

Battery-powered blowers are a relatively new technology. They work best on light snow and require you to plug them in to charge the battery when not in use. 

Wheels vs. Tracks 

The vast majority of snow blowers use wheels to make them mobile. For smaller machines, you’ll need to push and pull them to get them to move. Larger machines send power to the wheels for easier maneuvering. 

Some larger units have tracks similar to what you see on tanks. This design is best if you have to clear steep driveways or hills. Wheels will want to roll and make the blower hard to use. Tracks are more stable and have better traction. 

Other Considerations

  • Multiple Speeds. It can be smart to have a machine with multiple speeds. That way, you can control the amount of power you use based on the amount of snow that’s on the ground. This gives you better clearing control of the different areas of your property. The speed control should be easily reachable on the handle.
  • Chute Controls. The chute is how the snow blower expels the cleared snow. A blower that has an adjustable chute gives you more control over where the expelled snow goes. Look for one that has the greatest amount of adjustability. This measurement is expressed in the degrees that it will swivel or rotate.
  • Headlights. Wintertime has the least amount of daylight hours. This means you’re likely using your snow blower in low light. Trying to clear snow in the dark puts you at risk of clearing an area that you didn’t intend. A headlight can illuminate the area you're clearing and reduce the risk of getting off track.

Best Snow Blower Reviews & Recommendations 2020

This 24-inch snow blower has a 208cc electric engine. It uses a two stage process to clear snow and expel it out of the chute. The auger and impeller have a 12-inch diameter. The intake height is 23 inches. It’s ideal for clearing large paved and gravel areas such as a three-car driveway and sidewalks.

You’ll find using this blower easy, thanks to the electric start. It’s a great value, easy to assemble, and maneuverable. The controls are conveniently placed, which makes them easier to use while operating the blower.

Unfortunately, plastic is used for some of the components, which results in the machine breaking. Ice tends to build up in the machine, which causes it to stop working. The electric start can cause the motor to grind when starting.

This 22-inch single stage snow blower has a 208cc engine. It comes with an electric start that can effectively start the engine in temperatures as low as 20 below zero. The auger is wear resistant with a rubber edge for effective clearing that won’t damage the surface underneath the snow. The chute rotates 200 degrees.

What makes this snow blower stand out is the large handle on the chute. This makes it easy to adjust the chute at a moment's notice for more agile snow clearing. It also has a quick adjust deflector for easily changing the height and distance that the chute throws the snow.

Unfortunately, the bolts can come loose and cause the auger assembly or belt to come disassembled. It can also be challenging to adjust the height so that the auger doesn’t hit the ground hard when spinning.

This two stage blower has a 208 cc engine and electric start. It clears a width of 24 inches. It has a remote chute and deflector. This larger blower is ideal for clearing large driveways and long sidewalk paths. It can clear all types of surface types. The throwing capacity is high and far.

What makes this blower stand out are the rugged 15-inch tires. These are bigger than standard tires and are tough enough to power over all kinds of terrain. It’s also pleasant to use thanks to the heated grips, electric starter, and LED headlights.

Unfortunately, the plastic components on this blower can become brittle and eventually snap during use. The chute also begins to lose its rotation ability, so you’re limited in how far you can adjust it.

This electric snow blower has a 15-amp motor. It’s perfect for clearing medium to large driveways and walkways. To clear the snow, it has a four-blade steel auger. It has a width of 18 inches and can cut through snow that’s up to 10 inches deep. Upon clearing the snow, it gets ejected through a 180-degree chute and throws it 25 feet into the air.

You’ll like using this snow blower because it’s low-maintenance. Since it’s electric, there’s no gas or oil required. It also moves an impressive 720 pounds of snow per minute. You can use your snow blower at any time of day thanks to the 23 W halogen light that illuminates your path. When done, you can use the included clean-out tool to remove snow buildup.

The downside of this unit is that you may begin to smell a burning electrical odor. It can also suddenly create a metal grinding noise. The handlebars don’t feel like they’re high-quality and they can become loose no matter how tight you adjust them.

This 13.5-amp snow blower is electric. It clears a path that is 18 inches wide. You’ll easily power through snow that is up to 7.8 inches deep. The cleared snow is then directed out of the 180-degree adjustable chute and thrown up to 20 feet away. The entire unit is designed to be lightweight for easier maneuvering.

What’s nice about this unit is that it has large 6-inch wheels. This helps them to roll over any terrain and not get stuck. It can clear 490 pounds of snow per minute thanks to the 2,000 rotations per minute. The chute is also easily adjustable to make the process even faster.

Unfortunately, this unit leaves a layer of snow behind that’s ¼-inch deep. It also doesn’t do well with compacted snow. The cord design isn’t great and makes managing the cord while using the blower a pain.

This electric snow blower has a 13-amp motor. It will clear a path that’s 20 inches wide and a snow depth of up to 10 inches. There’s a 180-degree adjustable chute that discharges the snow up to 20 feet away. On the back are two wheels that are 7 inches in diameter. This unit is perfect for small yards and driveways.

There are dual LED lights on the front for improved visibility for snow clearing at any time of the day. It’s also lightweight at 32 pounds, which makes it easy for almost anyone to use. The push button start helps you to get started faster. Once running, you’ll notice it creates less noise than other snow blowers.

The downside of this unit is that you’ll have to assemble it upon delivery. Once you go to use it, you’ll discover that the wheels can get stuck. The entire snowblower doesn’t feel sturdy or durable.

This 40-volt snow blower is cordless. It has the power of a gas blower, but the ease of an electric blower with a 4.0Ah battery and charger. It has a 22-inch clearing width and churns its way through a snow depth of 12 inches. On top is a chute that adjusts 180 degrees. It’ll throw snow a full 30 feet away. You’ll be able to clear 600 pounds of snow per minute. This makes it ideal for driveways and sidewalks. There is a safety button and bail wire to make it safe for use.

You’ll enjoy using this snow blower thanks to the ergonomic handle and nicely sized 6-inch wheels. The lack of a cord makes it much easier to maneuver than corded units. It also runs quieter than gas-powered blowers.

Unfortunately, you'll have to assemble this blower before use. You may struggle with the battery falling out of the unit during use. It can also get bogged down on more compacted snow.

This 40-volt cordless snow blower is a single-stage blower. It has a 2.5 Ah battery and a charger. This blower is ideal for small jobs, such as a one-car driveway or small sidewalk. It has a clearing width of 15 inches and can handle snow that’s up to 8 inches deep. The snow chute will expel cleared snow up to 20 feet. Clearing the snow is a two-blade plastic auger.

What makes this blower stand out is the Eco Sharp Technology that eliminates power fades. You have a full 30 minutes of run time on a single charge. It’s also low-maintenance, requiring no gas, oil, or extension cord. It’s also incredibly lightweight at 25 pounds.

Unfortunately, the battery won’t stay properly seated, which will cause the blower to cut out on power in the middle of use. It’s also made of plastic, which may not be strong or durable enough to cut through compacted snow or snow that’s deeper than a few inches.

This 15-amp electric snow blower clears a 20-inch path with its four-blade steel auger. It’s capable of clearing snow that’s up to 10 inches deep. At 3,000 RPMs, it’s capable of moving 800 pounds of snow per minute. This makes it ideal for large driveways and sidewalks. The 180-degree rotatable chute will throw cleared snow up to 30 feet.

What makes this blower stand out is that the auger is constructed from steel with rubber blades. This gives you both durability and protection. The rubber blades ensure that the surface you’re clearing doesn’t get damaged. It also has an overload protection switch that will protect your motor from overheating and breaking.

The downside of this blower is that the wheels aren’t durable. They can easily break off of the unit. You may also find that plugging the unit in will cause the breaker to trip, which results in the unit not working. This can be a result of faulty wiring.

This gas-powered snow blower uses a two-stage process for clearing snow. It will clear a path that’s 22 inches wide and can effectively clear snow that’s up to 16 inches deep. This makes it ideal for places that experience heavy snowfall or have a large area to clear. It has a 212cc engine, while the tires are 13 inches and inflatable.

You’ll like using this blower because it has a versatile drive system. There are four forward speed variations and two backward speed variations. This gives you better control to clear both large and small areas. The inflated tires have a tread that will grip and bite on slippery terrain.

The downside of this blower is that because it’s gas-powered, it’s louder than electric or battery powered alternatives. If the snow is very wet, then it tends to get clogged and stuck easily before getting expelled from the chute.


  • Consider getting a long extension cable for snowblowers run by electricity. The cables they come with are short and do not offer much mobility.
  • Since snow blowers toss snow away from the machine, it is wise to wear protective eyewear. While it may be only water, it is freezing and can form ice that might damage your eyes if it hits them at a high rate of speed.
  • If using an extension cord to power a snow blower, be careful not to run over the cord when operating the snowblower. Try not to use a white extension cable. Instead, go for one that is brightly colored.
  • Gas-powered snow blowers tend to be louder and more robust, capable of handling larger amounts of snow. You may want to wear headphones when operating these to avoid potential damage to your ears.


Q: What if I bend or break a blade?

A: Just like a lawnmower, you may end up bending a blade or auger on the snowblower. This can happen after hitting a rock or grinding against the ground. If you do end up with a broken blade, stop using the snowblower before you risk harming it further. You can buy snowblower blades at home department stores or online.

Q: How much snow can a snowblower handle?

A: This will depend on the snowblower you purchase. Gas-powered ones are capable of clearing a path up to 24 inches wide, maybe even wider. They also can clear a path that is up to 16 inches deep. 

Q: How should I store the snowblower?

A: The best way to store a snowblower is in the garage or someplace that will not get dangerously cold. You can leave them outside and cover them with a warm tarp or blanket if needed, but you increase the risk of it freezing up on you.

Final Thoughts

For a sturdy snowblower with a strong motor and enhanced mobility, consider the Poulan Pro Two-Stage Snow Blower. The Briggs & Stratton Single Stage Snow Blower is also powerful, with an adjustable snow chute to aim the snow wherever you want.