Best Snow Blowers: Quickly Clear the Path

Get rid of snow without breaking your back with these sturdy and powerful snow blowers

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PUBLISHED ON October 9, 2019

Snow can be a wonderful thing, but it can also be quite a hassle. It blankets roads and driveways, making driving and walking difficult and dangerous. Clearing it away with a snow shovel can take a while and is exhausting, but using a snowblower can be quite entertaining. They rapidly collect and remove snow. Here are a few of the best snow blowers for clearing your or your neighbor’s driveway in no time.

  • Best Overall
    Poulan Pro Two-Stage Snow Blower
    It comes with a powerful 254cc motor to clear heavy, wet snow with no problem. It provides 12.5 pounds of torque. Six forward and one reverse speed.
    Powerful steel ribbon augers break up snow and ice. It can clear a 24-inch space with a height of 23 inches. It also includes a bright light.
    The chute moves around a lot and it can be difficult to control where you want the snow to go. The speeds can be a bit too fast.
  • Best Value
    Briggs & Stratton Single Stage Snow Blower
    It includes a large 208cc motor, handle-mounted chute control, and a quick-adjust deflector.
    The wear-resistant, rubber-edged augers clear a path 22-inches wide. Two large wheels provide extended mobility.
    Assembly instructions can be difficult to understand. The wheels aren’t robust, but the self-propelled blower helps move them along.
  • Honorable Mention
    Husqvarna Two-Stage Electric Start Snow Blower
    It’s powered by a 208cc motor with 9.5 pounds of torque. Has two large, beefy 15-inch rubber wheels to roll over wet snow. Serrated-edged augers grind snow down and send it through a powerful impeller.
    It includes two bright LED lights for greater visibility at night, an adjustable handlebar, a friction disc transmission for easy speed changes, and reversible skid shoes to extend their life. Clears a 24-inch path.
    It can be a little on the loud side. First gear can be a little quick at first, so be prepared. The reverse gear is slow.

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  • Consider getting a long extension cable for snowblowers run by electricity. The cables they come with are short and do not offer much mobility.
  • Since snow blowers toss snow away from the machine, it is wise to wear protective eyewear. While it may be only water, it is freezing and can form ice that might damage your eyes if it hits it them a high rate of speed.
  • If using an extension cord to power a snow blower, be careful not to run over the cord when operating the snowblower. Try not to use a white extension cable. Instead, go for one that is brightly colored.
  • Gas-powered snow blowers tend to be louder and more robust, capable of handling larger amounts of snow. You may want to wear headphones when operating these to avoid potential damage to your ears.


Q: What if I bend or break a blade?

A: Just like a lawnmower, you may end up bending a blade or auger on the snowblower. This can happen after hitting a rock or grinding against the ground. If you do end up with a broken blade, stop using the snowblower before you risk harming it further. You can buy snowblower blades at home department stores or online.

Q: How much snow can a snowblower handle?

A: This will depend on the snowblower you purchase. Gas-powered ones are capable of clearing a path up to 24 inches wide, maybe even wider. They also can clear a path that is up to 16 inches deep. 

Q: How should I store the snowblower?

A: The best way to store a snowblower is in the garage or someplace that will not get dangerously cold. You can leave them outside and cover them with a warm tarp or blanket if needed, but you increase the risk of it freezing up on you.

Final Thoughts

For a sturdy snowblower with a strong motor and enhanced mobility, consider the Poulan Pro Two-Stage Snow Blower. The Briggs & Stratton Single Stage Snow Blower is also powerful, with an adjustable snow chute to aim the snow wherever you want.