These Discounted Snow Blowers Will… Blow You Away

Winter's coming, which means shoveling season is here. But with snowblowers this cheap, you can skip the manual labor almost entirely.
An electric and a gasoline-powered snowblower

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With only a few days to go until the shortest day of the year, Winter isn’t almost upon us, it’s here. In some parts of the U.S., the snow has piled up and the NOAA expects there’ll be more snow than usual this year in the places that tend to get it. So, whether you want to save yourself some effort on shoveling—or just that of someone you love—now may be the time to invest in a snowblower.

Conveniently, many of them happen to be on sale ahead of the season. We’ve compiled a list of both battery- and gas-powered options of varying sizes, depending on how much powder you need to move. They might even make for practical holiday gifts if you order in time—especially if your recipient has a long driveway.

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