Workshop 5001’s Interpretation Of The Perfect 1973 Porsche 911

Just don’t call it a Singer.

byBradley Brownell|
Workshop 5001’s Interpretation Of The Perfect 1973 Porsche 911

If you look at the underside of this 1973 Porsche 911, you see what is essentially a brand new car. Every piece of the original car has been either reworked, refinished, or replaced with something better. The aim is to build the ultimate long-hood. It's not a re-creation, it's not a backdated car, it's not anything other than the honest and straightforward Porsche hot rod it was always meant to be. Where most people make their Porsche outlaws a little less perfect to save a few greenbacks or to save themselves the guilt of driving a car with perfect anything, Workshop 5001 pulled out all of the stops. 

In this video from DriveTribe, Jethro Bovingdon gets to take this perfect Porsche out for a bit of a flogging on some gorgeously mountainous desert driving roads. The car has been seriously tweaked to get the best out of the driving experience, but loses none of the vintage feel of the 1973 car it started as. If you had built a seriously powerful 7000 RPM 3.4-liter engine in the 1970s and dropped it into the back of this car, you'd have a close facsimile of Workshop 5001's creation.

From the outside, you'd never tell that this 911 is anything but a 911 with gorgeous Nardo Grey paint (cribbed from the Audi catalog) and some fancy accessories. Even in the driver's seat, the interior looks like an updated version of the old original stuff. There are some fancy trimmings here and there, and of course the steering wheel is a Momo, but it all looks instantly familiar. It's only when you fire the car up and dig into the loud pedal that the truth comes out. The question is, can you handle the truth?