A Proper Porsche 911 Restoration Is An Art Form

From bare shell to complete car in under five minutes

byBradley Brownell| PUBLISHED Feb 20, 2017 4:36 PM
A Proper Porsche 911 Restoration Is An Art Form

Resto Shack is located down on the southern tip of the UK, and judging by this video they use paint guns to craft their art, and vintage automobiles are their canvas. They've restored everything from vintage Porsches to a Mk I Volkswagen GTI, and each one is to this level of exacting specification. For this Porsche 911 RSR, they started with the car all the way down to bare sheetmetal, and build everything up from there. The bodywork done here appears to be the highest of quality, and the end result is an orange dream. 

In a Wizard Of Oz cinematography move, this film starts out in full greyscale as the sheet metal is stripped of color. Starting with a rusty example in need of a lot of work, the car is joined to a chassis dolly, and some serious welding and grinding and brazing and sanding is done to prep the car for paint. Once it's in the paint booth, the Porsche is properly and carefully masked off, primed, undercoated, and primed again. As the undercoating is laid down, the film starts slowly migrating to color, but it's not completely noticeable until the paint guns get filled with a gorgeous shade of bright orange. 

This is a very labor intensive process and the end result shows exactly why the labor is worth it. There are no words necessary to express the beauty that has been portrayed here. This is probably one of the better restoration videos we've ever seen. The visuals are great, the music builds with the drama of the video, and the finished product is spectacular. Click play, sit back, and enjoy the ride.