You Should Totally Buy This Porsche 911 Race Car

This track-only 911 costs nearly $400,000, but it’s the real deal.

byChris Constantine| UPDATED Dec 4, 2017 2:22 PM
You Should Totally Buy This Porsche 911 Race Car

If a Nurburgring-stomping 911 GT2 RS isn't hardcore enough for your tastes, there's currently a more extreme track-ready Porsche on the market. This 1976 Kremer Racing Porsche 935 sold by Throttlestop should fit the bill, as it has plenty of 'Ring races under its belt.

According to the seller, Kremer Racing and DP Motorsport built the car in Cologne, Germany after their work on the Kremer K3 paid off. This 935 raced exclusively in Germany in the 1980s, getting some serious track time at the Old Nurburgring circuit. It even won the “Veedol” Championship at the 'Ring in 1989 before it was sold. This exact car can be seen in action here.

The Kremer 935 fell into Austrian driver Willi Sabl's hands in 1990 and was repurposed for hillclimb racing. Rabl added Vaillant Air Conditioning Co. (his sponsor)'s green and rainbow-striped racing livery and swapped out the 935's 3.4-liter engine for another twin-turbocharged, 3.0-liter flat-six making 806 horsepower (for IMSA qualification). The 935's new spec matched with Rabl's skills won him multiple European hillclimb championships, before he garaged it for 15 years.

The seller has given the original Vaillant livery a fresh coat of paint and a full mechanical service, so it should be ready for another stab at the Nurburgring or a historic race at Goodwood. Under all that bodywork is a 911, but Throttlestop stresses that the car is not street-legal; if the racing bodywork, interior, and $399,900 price tag didn't make that clear enough. 

Throttlestop is a Wisconsin-based vehicle "concierge" that sells, stores, and details rare classics and performance cars. This 935 isn't the only crazy track car in their inventory–– there's also a Dodge Viper ACR-X and Radical SR-3 up for sale, among other dream cars.