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The Porsche 911 Hybrid Is Really, Actually, Finally Coming This Summer

Will it be a plug-in or a high-performance conventional hybrid like the Corvette E-Ray? Porsche isn't saying yet.

A hybrid Porsche 911 has been rumored, teased, and talked about for years. While such a car was always inevitable, it has long seemed just out of reach. Now, though, Porsche has announced that not only is a hybrid 911 on its way, but it will arrive this summer.

The Porsche 911 hybrid will arrive alongside a product upgrade for the entire 911 lineup, which is set to arrive early this summer. “Once again we are deploying technology in series-production models that we have derived from the world of motorsport,” said Porsche CEO Oliver Blume. “And our customers can look forward to further technological innovations along those same lines.”

But what does a hybrid 911 with technology “derived from the world of motorsport” look like? Last year, Blume said that the hybrid 911 wouldn’t be a plug-in, though he never specified the type of powertrain it would have. Rumors suggest it could be like the Corvette E-Ray, with a small battery and electric motor powering the front wheels but a twin-turbo flat-six powering the rears instead of a V8 like the Chevy, of course. Rimac could even help with the battery tech since Porsche owns a large stake in the electric supercar company.


However, Porsche’s press release also said that the brand is committed to three types of powertrains: “efficient ICEs (internal combustion engines), exciting plug-in hybrids and innovative all-electric models.” So does a high-performance conventional hybrid count as an efficient ICE?

Regardless of the specifics, the 911 hybrid will be a defining moment for the brand. Every other Porsche model now has either a hybrid or fully electric powertrain option on sale or in the works. While the electric Boxster isn’t here just yet, it was announced long before the 911 hybrid and we’ve already seen Porsche testing it. Once the 911 hybrid debuts, the brand will officially be completely electrified.

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